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Here’s just a few ideas of what you can build with the CreatorDB API.

Influencer discovery

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Competitor analysis

See how your influencer marketing stacks up against the competition


Get a 360 view of the influencer marketing space in your vertical

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Discover the perfect topics for your campaign

Product development

Build new products for the creator economy

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Data analysis and reporting

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A sneak preview of our data

Check out the data we offer with the CreatorDB API below. If you want to delve deeper, check out our API documentation, or book a demo with us to get your free trial API key.

  "data": {
    "basicYoutube": {
      "youtubeId": "UCm-X6o81nRsXQTmqpyArkBQ",
      "youtubeName": "Flamingo",
      "displayId": "@flamingo",
      "instagramId": "albertsstuff",
      "tiktokId": "",
      "hasEmail": true,
      "subscribers": 12000000,
      "views": 10227665457,
      "country": "United States",
      "lang": "eng",
      "createDate": 1499184000000,
      "lastUploadTime": 1690588800000,
      "links": [
          "title": "Instagram",
          "url": ""
          "title": "The Shop",
          "url": ""

We offer

  • Subscribers, views, and social IDs
  • Engagement, view, and subscriber growth rates
  • Historical metrics (up to 1 year in the past)
  • Average metrics for the 20 most recent videos
  • Content topic categorisation
  • …and many more
  "data": {
    "basicInstagram": {
      "instagramId": "goodalicia",
      "instagramName": "愛莉莎莎 Alisasa 🐨",
      "youtubeId": "UCAKJ0tmI_RMXqTgxL_OMfIg",
      "avatar": "",
      "description": "120萬訂閱YouTubern合作信箱alisasaofficial@gmail.comnGrowus 洗髮精團購中",
      "category": "ART",
      "categoryBusiness": "None",
      "isVerified": true,
      "isBusinessAccount": false,
      "hashtags": [
      "following": 972,
      "followers": 593128,
      "posts": 1511,
      "engageRate": 0.05150982025240196,
      "avgLikes": 29531.541666666668,
      "avgComments": 1020.375,
      "avgPostsPerDay": 0.2180378700342671,
      "activeUserType": "WAU",

We offer

  • Follower count, hashtags, and social IDs
  • Engagement rate, average likes and comments
  • View counts for reels and video posts
  • Historical data
  • Per post stats
  • …and many more
  "data": {
    "basicTikTok": {
      "tiktokId": ".....aaaaesthetic",
      "tiktokName": ".....aaesthetic",
      "youtubeId": "",
      "instagramId": "",
      "avatar": "",
      "description": "ty for 39.6k🤍npr/collab email: xaaesthetic",
      "relatedUsers": [
      "recentVideos": [
          "uploadDate": 1629657522000,
          "videoId": "6999325758359424261",
          "length": 10,
          "cover": "",
          "audioId": "6992552851079957254",
          "audioTitle": "Originalton",
          "audioAuthor": "nadegemferi",
          "audioAlbum": "",
          "hearts": 35900,
          "shares": 283,

We offer

  • Follower count, hashtags, and social IDs
  • Engagement rate, average likes and comments
  • Comments, diggs, and shares
  • Historical data
  • Per post stats
  • …and many more
  "data": {
    "topicId": "id_minecraft_Gaming",
    "topicName": "Minecraft",
    "channelNumber": 941,
    "avgViews1Y": 347885,
    "engageRate1Y": 0.057606033395270026,
    "avgLikes1Y": 11211,
    "avgDislikes1Y": 6,
    "avgComments1Y": 659,
    "avgRating1Y": 0.15130384981249895,
    "avgLength1Y": 1476,
    "avgViewsR20": 290219,
    "engageRateR20": 0.06279381231056173,
    "avgLikesR20": 10132,
    "avgDislikesR20": 6,
    "avgCommentsR20": 612,
    "avgRatingR20": 0.15116001445233831,
    "avgLengthR20": 1525,
    "dgMainCountry": "United States",
    "dgMainCountryRatio": 0.32285128071121466,
    "dgCountryCount": [
        "country": "United States",
        "count": 291577

We offer

  • Engagement rate up to 1 year in the past
  • Average likes, comments, and views
  • Engagement rate and subscriber growth rates
  • Demographic data (age, country, gender ratio)
  • Related niches
  • …and many more
  "data": {
    "brandId": "",
    "name": "Acer",
    "alias": [
    "logo": "",
    "desc": "Acer is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation.",
    "keyPeople": [
      "Carolyn Yeh",
      "George Huang",
      "Stan Shih"
    "industries": [
      "Consumer Electronics",
    "country": "TWN",
    "location": "Taipei, T&s;ai-pei, Taiwan, Asia",
    "website": "",

We offer

  • Competitors, industries, and languages
  • Demographic data (age, country, gender ratio)
  • Engagement growth rate
  • …and many more


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