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The Ultimate Guide to Gen Z Marketing

Gen Z is here to stay! There is a new audience in town, born between the mid 90s to mid 2000s, who, despite being young and fresh off the boat, no doubt spends the most time online alongside millennials and baby boomers. Today’s Gen Zers have come of age in a fully...

Why You Should Use Influencer Marketing for the 2022 Holiday Season 

Being present on social networks with your brand - as well as being a golden opportunity - communicates presence and reliability to users who spend an average of three hours a day on Instagram and make purchase decisions more and more via their smartphones. It's no...

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Influencer Marketing This Halloween 2022

Halloween: the holiday that millions celebrate across the world. There's no doubt that everybody loves Halloween - make the most of this annual tradition by collaborating with influencers on Halloween-themed content! If you want to pumpkin-spice up your influencer...

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