2021 Top 20 Niches by Channel

We are going to explore the data from Creator DB today. Take a look at the trending under the lockdown during 2021.

Based on Chart one shows we have our top20 Niche by channels, the niche refers to certain segments of the market that are usually ignored by audiences or large companies. The result we get from our data collection is that the top 2 niches in the “Top 20 niches by channel” are Latin Music and Reggaeton music. According to this finding, we also noticed that they have the highest views of the recent 20 videos rate as well, which led us to think about the relationship between those two indicators. On the other hand, the engagement rate for them is not as good as we thought. 

What is the engagement rate?

Engagement rate is calculated as the total number of interactions your content receives divided by your total number of followers, multiplied by 100%.

The highest engagement rate niche in the “Top 20 niches by channel” is Background Music, which makes a lot of sense in the atmosphere of lockdown 2021, 80% of people still working from home, that background music is the best choice to be the background sound to keep up the working mood at home. Back to the data, even those two niches have the highest engagement rate, but they still don’t have the corresponding high average views and views of the recent 20 videos. Does that seem a bit strange?


From Chart 2, we can see that their R20 views are really low, which is in the last few places of the “top 20 niches by channel” diagram. This finding shows us, the audience could be very sensitive and picky to the music, since lots of background music are chosen by other people that may have different tastes than you, some of them may be just shuffled shortlist, that may cause that person wouldn’t want to stay longer on the channel.

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