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Boost your Pre-registration with Influencer Marketing

Pre-registration campaigns for mobile games are more and more common. They rely on generating hype in communities connected with the game to drive interest and expectations about the game. Pre-registration campaigns connect with influencer marketing and social media user-generated content to expand the campaign’s reach further and show the community already built around it.


Table of content

Why pre-registration and influencer marketing

Define the right audience

Ace your influencer marketing strategy for boosting pre-registrations

Launching a pre-registration campaign

Generate buzz through influencers to improve pre-registration


Why pre-registration and influencer marketing

Mobile games significantly benefit from pre-registration since it is an excellent way to stand out and incentivize potential players to get involved with the game from the beginning. Particularly in the case of games with prominent multiplayer features having a community involved right off the bat is going to be an essential part of the success of your project.

Influencer marketing uses influencers with online followings in relevant communities to promote your products or services less invasively than traditional publicity. Because influencer marketing relies on people that are organically followed and have built their reputation in a field, it can target particular niches and allows us to engage with them.

You can check out other ideas on combining gaming and influencer marketing here for the best results.

Define the right audience

Targeting the right audience should be one of the prime concerns of any marketer. And this includes the proper age group, interests, and even the right countries. A good target audience definition can create a successful marketing campaign. Defining the right target audience is especially important in a pre-registration campaign since it entirely relies on involving people with something that still needs to be released.

Once identified a target audience, it is time to go ahead and understand what will motivate them. Not all communities reply the same way to the same stimulus. For example, European gamers are more likely to pre-register for a game if a discount is involved, while APAC players may do so just to obtain exclusive in-game items. Giving your audience the right incentive is vital to engage the communities.

Once you have the target audience figured out, you can start working on finding who will better cater to them. Using services like CreatorDB will be easy to individuate the right influencers for your campaign since it allows you to filter influencers by the niches or topics they discuss and set demographic parameters and engagement thresholds.

Ace your influencer marketing strategy for boosting pre-registrations

As for the target audience is essential to have well-established the goals of your marketing campaign. In the case of a campaign aimed toward a game pre-registration, it can be as simple as having a quota of users to pre-register. Still, you could go in a different direction and base your campaign success on factors like the amount of user-generated content, the growth of the game’s social media page, or anything else you deem essential to achieve your final goal.

When picking influencers, there is a considerable debate about whether it is better to go with prominent names that hold accounts with millions of followers, small influencers with a few thousand followers, or something in the middle. There are good reasons on both sides: more prominent creators bring your message in front of many more people at once but obtain a lower engagement rate on average, and small creators have fewer but much more dedicated followers. Another significant difference is how smaller creators often cater toward more specialized niches while larger ones tend to attract much broader, less focused demographics. It is essential to consider that, especially if your marketing strategy wants to break through specific groups.

Learn everything you need to know about micro-influencers here.

Once chosen the influencers, think about your messaging strategy. Unlike other forms of advertising, influencer marketing is often discouraged from having a script set in stone that each creator should follow. While selecting a tone and some guidelines for presenting the game is essential, you should leave the various influencers enough space to bring their creativity to the table since they know how to interact with their fan base best.

Establishing compensation guidelines is essential to build long-lasting relationships with the creators, more on why that is important here. There are many different ways to compensate influencers for their work. In the case of a pre-registration mobile game campaign, the most common are:

  • Monetary compensation: This is the most common form of payment for influencers. It involves paying influencers a set amount of money for their services. Salary can vary based on the influencer’s reach and engagement rates, as well as the scope of the campaign.
  • Commission-based compensation involves paying influencers a commission based on the number of conversions they generate.
  • Performance-based compensation: Similar to commission-based compensation, performance-based compensation involves paying influencers based on their performance in the campaign. This can include engagement rates, click-through rates, or other performance indicators.
  • Exclusive access or experiences: Some influencers may be willing to work for exclusive access or experiences, such as attending a product launch event or getting early access to a new product. This can be a great way to build relationships with influencers and provide unique content for their audience.

It is up to you to decide which is the one that fits your needs the most.

Launching a pre-registration campaign

Timing is crucial to launching an effective marketing campaign; this is also true regarding influencer marketing. You should identify a period unrestricted by other game releases and allow your game to capture the spotlight.

Once started the campaign, tracking how it is going is necessary. Since you already identified which metrics are essential for you, you will only have to keep tabs on them and be ready to adjust if the campaign is not giving the expected results. Adjusting on the fly can differentiate between a successful campaign and a poorly performing one. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of the direction things are going and keep a flexible mind on the best way to reach your goal.

Generate buzz through influencers to improve pre-registration

Social media and influencer marketing are great ways to generate buzz and excitement for a mobile game launch. Using content creators will bring your game visibility in communities already interested in related topics and are highly likely to be interested in your game. This likely translates into a higher conversion rate than it would be with other promotion avenues. By engaging directly with online communities, you can also include ways to make them work for you and amplify your message in your strategy. Pushing for campaigns that incorporate and promote user-generated content is another way to compound the exposure gained from influencer marketing with the creativity and engagement that user-generated content drives to help your campaign build up steam and even go viral.

Sharing early access or game demo with the influencers is another crucial way to generate hype around your game and drive in pre-registering users. Showing off parts of your game can give your audience a sense of what will be and create excitement and anticipation. To further improve the registration rate, you can offer special incentives to the registered users: this can be quickly done with special customization items or in-game boosts to help them succeed.


In conclusion, a pre-registration marketing campaign can be an excellent tool for mobile games launch since it enhances the game’s visibility and works towards establishing a community around the game even before it has been found. They can be boosted by collaborating with influencers, which is especially important since they can work towards mobilizing online communities and groups to participate in your game or marketing campaign actively.
Being able to identify and collaborate with the right influencers is going to be a big part of making any campaign successful. That’s why we at CreatorDB offer a series of services that can accommodate your needs: our proprietary software will help you identify the right influencers in no time. But if you are looking for a more hands-off approach, our agency team can deliver end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns across the globe. They flaunt expertise in 10 of the most spoken languages and are used to individuate contact and manage content creators for our clients. Contact us to learn more about what influencer marketing can do for you.

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