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You’re probably more familiar with influencer marketing on Instagram than you are with other social media channels. After all, Instagram is a significant player in the influencer marketing industry. 

In 2019, 65% of marketers will increase their spending on influencer campaigns and 89% say Instagram is the most strategically important place to find influencers. However, YouTube comes in second with 70% of companies listing it as a strategically important channel this year. 

YouTube has positioned itself as the top platform for influencer marketing, given its vast network of successful digital stars and its popularity among social media-savvy consumers. As such, the right YouTube influencers are becoming increasingly important for companies wishing to reach a large audience. 

Youtube Influencers 

As new ways of creating, viewing, and sharing content appear online, we’ve seen a surge in a new kind of celebrity culture. “Influencer” isn’t just a term for famous public figures with millions of followers; micro-influencers, who have relatively small numbers of followers, can also be influential. YouTube influencers gather audiences that appreciate their content. Each influencer has a different type of value to offer. Advertisers and marketers can use content creators as tools to reach people through a trusted entity.  Established influencers can direct a business’ traffic to compel sales and leads. Influencers have upended celebrity culture by allowing anyone to become a celebrity, albeit with the distinction of macro- and micro-influencers. 

Macro influencers have the most followers and get millions of views on their videos. In the middle of this spectrum, we have micro-influencers, who get around ten thousand views per video. It’s worth noting that there are many other influences in the middle between micro-influencers and big-time influencers like PewDiePie. 

In order to succeed with influencer marketing, it’s important to get educated on how other companies have done it. Try to replicate what you like and adapt it for your specific goals.

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