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Engagement Calculator

Calculating the engagement rate is a crucial step for any digital marketing campaign and evaluating the potential of influencers before starting a collaboration. With our engagement calculator, you can quickly obtain the engagement rate of any post or profile: insert the total number of interactions and the number of followers the profile has to get their engagement rate.

Thanks to our engagement calculator, you can quickly determine if a collaboration is worth it or how your campaign is going. You can also compare different creators to understand who will be a better partner for your brand.

You can learn everything you need to know about different engagement rate versions and their uses here.

But engagement rates aren’t the only thing that matters. You can read more about other important metrics in influencer marketing in our Analytics 101 guide.

But using an engagement calculator is not ideal for planning out entire campaigns. That is why at CreatorDB, we offer you access to engagement rates for the 4 million+ creators in our database and engagement rates for each of their 800 most recent posts. You can easily compare their rate with averages for their content category to individuate outliers and overperformers.

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