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Grandfluencers? Say What?!

According to a recent Sprout Social study, the rise of senior influencers, or Grandfluencers, is upon us. Grandfluencers are senior citizens who have become influencers on social media. They share their stories, experiences, and wisdom with their followers, often younger generations. These Grandfluencers have taken the world by storm, proving that age is just a number for social media.

The rise of Grandfluencers can be attributed to several factors. For one, social media platforms have become more accessible to older adults. With smartphones and tablets becoming more user-friendly, senior citizens can now easily navigate social media. Additionally, older adults have more leisure time, which allows them to focus on creating content for social media.

Below are just a couple of factors contributing to this fun growth within the industry:

1. Surprise Factor

Part of the appeal of Grandfluencers’ content is the surprise factor. Seeing senior content creators participate in trends, wear the kinds of clothing you’d see on a Zara mannequin, and showcase their vibrant day-to-day lives is a stark contrast to younger generations’ preconceptions.

2. Authentic Content

Authenticity is the second most important factor for brands’ decisions to work with creators; demographic similarity to their audience ranked last.

Take @oldgays, for instance, who hits the nail right on the head every time with their perfect authentic-comedic balance topped off with a hint of good vibes.

@oldgays Is this first class or what? 🥇 #glam #transformation ♬ First Class – Jack Harlow

3. Flexibility

Grandfluencers’ flexibility to post about different niches helps them feel more human than the influencer who posts solely about her fitness journey or his knowledge about historical facts (Source: Sprout Social).

Tik tok: @ourfilipinograndma

In summary

Grandfluencers seem to post with the sole intention of sharing with the occasional sales pitch, which makes their content appealing when it comes to long-term relationships for the Grandfluencer X Brands connection to keep happening. And although social media is free for all to use, senior influencers, or GRANDfluencers, are certainly paving the road for a much more inclusive and interesting social environment for brands and consumers!

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