Marketing Words That Drive Emotion

The words you use on your website can have a profound effect on the way people perceive your business. They will be the determining factor every step of the way through the sales process, from getting your site noticed by a search engine to persuading them to buy a product once they have landed on your site. Your tone and word choice, in all communications with customers, can make or break the experience, so choose them very wisely. 

Social media marketing campaigns that appeal to emotions perform two times better than those that rely on rational content. The same is true for content marketing, too. Content that elicits positive emotions, such as happiness, spreads more quickly than content that elicits other emotions. Because people rely on their feelings and gut reactions more than they rely on facts and data when making decisions. Given that it takes just a tenth of a second to determine whether you trust a brand, it’s crucial that your marketing content instills emotion in your audience right away. 

However, it’s not just emotionally positive ad campaigns that lead to spreading. Ads that elicit negative emotions can also spread, like those linked to fear and sadness. Happiness is one of the primary emotions that drive social sharing and is therefore vital to the success of viral content. Whereas sadness leads to generous giving and other altruistic behavior. Charitable organizations sometimes use emotional marketing tactics to elicit a certain response from the public by showing photos and videos of malnourished children, abused animals, or natural disasters. Emotionally based words can encourage a consumer to act, whether buying a product or simply becoming aware of it. 

We’ve put together a shortlist of powerful, high-converting words for you. Words that stoke emotion and urge action and ultimately, words that sell.

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