Why You Should Use Influencer Marketing for the 2022 Holiday Season 

Being present on social networks with your brand – as well as being a golden opportunity – communicates presence and reliability to users who spend an average of three hours a day on Instagram and make purchase decisions more and more via their smartphones. It’s no longer just a question of image: it’s a real opportunity to make your business known outside your geographical borders and to intercept a new slice of the market.

Holidays have always been an excellent opportunity to create ad hoc campaigns and improve sales due to the greater predisposition of people to purchase. Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, which means only one thing for companies: the time to plan an influencer marketing campaign has come!

Why influencer marketing?

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The holidays represent a lucrative time for companies, but at the same time, it is the most competitive period of the year. Influencer marketing has become a staple in the marketing mix of many brands to increase sales, especially during holidays, because influencers allow brands to connect with consumers more authentically thanks to their sizeable followings.

Along with influencers, brands have found a way to be in tune with their audience and entertain them in different formats. The communities that these people have created in their social networks are a fundamental added value that advertisers can use if they want to be closer to their audience. These digital communities are made up of consumers who are led by highly influential content creators, who, through their creative ability to communicate products and services, influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.

To be successful during the holidays, you should begin to communicate your brand in time to anticipate your competition and, above all, to give an answer to the most recurring question: what gifts to buy for Christmas?

What is the impact of an influencer during the holiday season?

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The Christmas period is, without a doubt, one of the most important moments of the year for both consumers and brands, changing the balance in terms of the number of annual sales for companies, and during this period the number of campaigns that influencers carry out multiplies.

Advertisers increasingly understand influencer marketing as a key part of their global strategy. Why? Mainly because this channel offers them tools that other types of marketing cannot. For example, by working with multiple influencers, you are able to tap into multiple audiences each with their own unique traits and preferences, allowing for easily tailoring key messages towards different market segments. This will allow your brand to show the benefits of a product in a more direct way as an influencer can tell how it has improved their day-to-day life or how they have included it in their routine. And this has a greater impact when the holiday season is approaching due to the hunt for the perfect gift.

Talking about influencer marketing means talking about social networks since they have become one of the main ways we use to communicate with our environment and keep abreast of the latest trends. More than half of the world’s population already uses social networks, which is why they have become a fundamental tool for any marketing strategy. 

People who shop around Christmas are influenced by social media (this is where users look for gift ideas, food inspiration, decorations, and everything related to Christmas) but mostly, they are inspired by their friends’ shopping suggestions and seek advice on gifts to purchase, also taking advice from their favorite influencers.

A seasonal campaign must provide a different value compared to the rest of the year. Brands must turn these campaigns around based solely on the product itself and go one step further to transmit 100% of the brand’s DNA through the influencers, taking advantage of their different characteristics and creating a more human touchpoint to connect with the public.

What are the main benefits of an influencer during the holidays?

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An influencer marketing campaign can help brands like yours to reach many more people, and represents a very good alternative to traditional marketing, which raises its prices a lot during this time of year and it is less and less popular.

One of the most appreciated qualities of influencers is their ability to attract people: they make them spread brand hashtags, which are the perfect complement to photo contests. You can let the community express their creativity when using your product and reward the best participants. It is a fun dynamic in which many people get involved as participants and many more as spectators.

Influencers also help you through product reviews, as they can use your products, rate them, comment on their experience with them and recommend them to their followers as the perfect gift for their loved ones. You can also opt for product placements by inserting the products in the day-to-day communication of influencers during the holiday season.

Influencers can also collaborate with brands and carry out giveaways: one of the most common collaborations takes place on Instagram and consists of providing influencers with products so that they can give them away to their followers as a Christmas gift.

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