Influencer discovery

Identify the right creator to meet your needs. 

Audience targeting

Find where your target audience hangs out.

Content analysis

What niche or category works better for your campaign.

Competitor analysis

See how you stack up against the competition.

Market Insights

Access 360° of any field, always ahead of the trend.

Level Up with Influencer Marketing

CreatorDB is excited to participate in GDC this year. Discuss with us how our data-driven approach to influencer marketing will help your success.

20 – 24 March

San Francisco

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Why choose Influencer Marketing?


Smoothly bring your marketing efforts all across the globe.


Reach your audience through channels they are comfortable with.

Privacy Respectful

Easily comply with privacy regulations while keeping granular audience targeting.

Learn how CreatorDB can contribute to your success:

CreatorDB is an influencer marketing platform that combines big data collection, AI data analysis, and human agents to deliver world-class influencer marketing campaigns.

Our Offerings:

CreatorDB suite of tools satisfies all your needs and desires regarding influencer marketing.

Agency Services

Our international campaign management team provides our clients with end-to-end support to achieve your influencer marketing goals.


Plug into our database and access the full potential of CreatorDB. Get data for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok influencers right into your system.

Data Packages

Tailor-made data packages provide you with precisely what you need. Would you happen to need unique metrics? We will be happy to develop them to your specifications.

Harvest the power of influencer marketing

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