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How BYDFi built trust through Influencer Marketing





Target Persona

Crypto interested users

Target Geography


About BYDFi

BYDFi is a Singapore-based crypto exchange founded in 2019. In 2020 it was perfectly positioned to become a solid name among exchanges. BYDFi collaborated with CreatorDB to improve brand awareness globally through influencer collaborations and platform reviews to achieve its goals.

Campaign Features:

Establish Trust and confidence in the brand

Global Campaign, using localized influencers

60 to 90 seconds integrations and Platform Reviews

Phase 1

12 Medium sized Crypto Influencers

50 Micro and Nano Crypto Influencers


  • Identify trustworthy creators, noticing red flags in their stats and choosing to collaborate only with those who were above any suspicion.
  • Introduce CreatorDB and BYDFi as reliable and establish trusted relations with each creator.


By identifying and establishing strong connections with reliable and trustworthy creators, CreatorDB achieved BYDFi’s goals of being introduced to potential clients from North America, South and South East Asia, and Europe by figures they trusted and respected for their expertise helping the final goal of . spreading positive awareness around BYDFi in the crypto space.

Phase 2

5 Major Crypto Influencers


Once a base layer of notoriety and respectability was achieved through phase 1, BYDFi decided to step up the intensity of its campaign and wanted to reach the largest audience possible. Therefore, 5 of the most prominent crypto influencers at the time, including the 2 with the most significant number of subscribers, were contacted, and a collaboration was set up. The brand awareness gained by BYDFi played an essential role in establishing it as a serious competitor among crypto exchanges.

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