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How Fraîcheur strengthened its social proof by collaborating with CreatorDB


Health & Beauty


Cold Therapy Devices

Target Persona

Female, 18-44, into Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion

Target Geography

English-speaking countries


Since it first came to the market, Fraîcheur worked hard to establish its flagship product, the Ice Globes, with strong social proof of its efficacy through features in traditional media and celebrity endorsements.

In 2022 they decided to collaborate with CreatorDB to increase their influencer marketing efforts.


Establishing the campaign

As a first step, the Fraîcheur team established guidelines to help CreatorDB agency focus its efforts. Limiting the target geography to English-speaking countries and identifying the target Persona as female, between 18 to 44 years old interested in lifestyle, personal care, beauty, and fashion.

A ceiling CPM of $35 was decided to contain costs but provide coverage in the selected regions.


Adjusting the aim

The CreatorDB Agency team contacted creators to promote Fraîcheur on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Further analysis identified how the age group between 25 to 34 years old was bringing the best conversion rates.

With the new consumer persona in mind, the CreatorDB team started a new wave of partnerships to better target the exact age bracket desired by the client keeping CPM in the specified range.

Providing a constant stream of creators and content compliant with the desires of Fraîcheur CreatorDB helped to strengthen the social proof around Fraîcheur’s products.

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