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Wildlife Studio promotion of Zooba in Taiwan with CreatorDB


Mobile Games


Battle Royale MOBA

Target Persona

Mobile Gamers

Target Geography


About Wildlife Studio

Wildlife Studio is a Brazilian mobile game studio founded in 2011 and best known for Zooba and Tennis Clash. While an already established studio, they had never run influencer marketing campaigns in Taiwan.

Partnering with CreatorDB allowed them to do a small test campaign and investigate the potential of partnering with influencers to promote their game.

Campaign Core Features:

A limited trial campaign to determine how influencer marketing conversion compares to other channels.

Obtain exposure to the Taiwanese mobile gaming market keeping a low CPM

Our Touch:

Content Localization:

Since all the creatives were in English, our team captured footage on the local version while translating promotional graphics. In the process, a few of CreatorDB’s team members got hooked on the game.

Boost Conversions:

The content creators were invited to make personal accounts and share their in-game nicknames to drive conversions.

Low CPM:

An average CPM of $16 was achieved, in line with the Wildlife Studio’s intentions for the campaign.

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