What is CreatorDB?

CreatorDB is an influencer discovery platform and marketing agency. It utilizes machine learning, data analysis, and big data to drive up ROI. CreatorDB aims to help brands and marketing agencies better understand influencers.

Why CreatorDB?

Instantly connect with the right creators

We’ve built our database of creators to be smart and data-driven so that you
can find and assess the perfect talent for your brand.

Simplest way to manage your creator campaigns

Whether you have a small or large creator community, create a system to
organize and track your creators.

Accurate, actionable data to measure ROI

Automated access to your performance data means you spend less time doing
paperwork and more time finding opportunities.

What we do best

Major corporations, as well as some of the largest advertisers on YouTube, have benefitted from CreatorDB for their campaigns

Our offering

Our flagship product is CreatorDB which is a SaaS tool focused on helping users discover the best content creators for their marketing campaigns by filtering through 100,000s of creators by their metrics or data points unique to CreatorDB such as our content categorization system. CreatorDB is focused on YouTube & Instagram influencers and collects daily data to make sure that information is up to date and trends can be more easily spotted. In addition, CreatorDB has the contact email for around half of the creators in our database so users can more easily contact them. All this data is also available through an API.

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