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  • Access new clients with trusted and non-invasive messaging.
  • Connect with audiences in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and SEA.
  • Boost your ROI with our proven strategies.
  • High-performing results, regardless of your target geography.

What Sets CreatorDB Apart

Case Studies

How We Do It

Target PersonaMale, 20-40
Content VerticalsTech, Gaming, Travel. More added in subsequent phases
Target GeographiesTaiwan

The ubiquitousness of the campaign in Taiwan’s online panorama indelibly connected Surfshark with VPN.

With a rolling campaign of integrations, Surfshark can keep interest in its products and new customers rolling in.

Truly embracing the nature of its product Surfshark has diversified the content verticals beyond what is normal for similar companies and successfully portrayed its product as for everyone.

Target PersonaMale, PC player, located in Asia
Content VerticalsGaming, History, Entertainment
Target GeographiesAPAC

Focusing on critical geographies where PC players are more prevalent

Thanks to strategic partnerships and content vertical selection CPM is kept low while results are still prioritized.

Target PersonaPersonal users, interested in tracking and planning their life activities
Content VerticalsTravel, Lifestyle, Professional, ASMR
Target GeographiesJapan & South Korea

Influencers are your best spokespersons having them explain the product from a user perspective is going a long way to show its usefulness to their audience.

Japan and Korea are notoriously expensive geographies to target due to the high rates many agencies impose.
By partnering with independent micro-influencers costs are kept low while reach and trust are maximized.

A stable return

Reach High-Value Customers

  • Over 80% of Far Eastern consumers use social media daily and use it to discover and evaluate new products.
  • Japan and Korea offer the gaming industry highest lifetime value per customer, respectively $20 and $10.
  • Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese customers are highly experimental and seek new and thrilling experiences.

Approach emerging markets

Invest in the Future

  • Purchasing power is forecasted to grow 34% in the next 5 years in South East Asia.
  • 87% of Southeast Asians use social media more than 2 hours a day.
  • Reviews and tutorials are the most watched content categories on social media.

Influencer exclusive

A Source of Trust

  • Over 40% of Asian consumers cite influencer endorsement as a deciding factor for purchases.
  • 1 in 2 SEA netizens follow influencers online and trust their advice.
  • Promote across trending content verticals and established media figures.

At CreatorDB we are…

  • Proficient in 15 languages worldwide, including English, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, etc.
  • We understand cultural context is as important as language proficiency.
  • Effective collaboration & engagement.
  • Frictionless collaboration in any geography.
  • YouTube, the house of long-form content. Favorite for stable returns.
  • Instagram: fashion, lifestyle, and more.
  • TikTok, where trends are born. The go-to for trendsetters.
  • Twitch, the streaming champion. For when interactions matter.
  • Facebook, everyone is there. Hit a large audience easily.
  • Leverage AI to uncover data-driven Insights & drive maximum ROI.
  • Innovative campaign strategies.
  • Creator economy born and raised.
  • Consultation, strategy, creators’ shortlisting, and outreach costs are on us.
  • No strings attached, you can walk out any time.
  • You have the last word on every decision, creator, or piece of content.

Our Process

Prepare the Strategy

Tell us your need and we prepare the best approach to achieve them.

Choose Creators

You pick who to onboard.
We take care of the rest and make it happen.

Publish the Content

We respect your timeline.
You have the last word on every content.

Examine the Result

We provide detailed reporting and analysis for each piece of content.

You will only be billed until you see the result.

Reach Asian markets with CreatorDB

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