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How Surfshark partnered with CreatorDB to expand in the APAC markets using influencer marketing




VPN and Cybersecurity Software

Target Persona

Male, 20 to 40, interested in tech, gaming and travel

Target Geography


About Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the leading companies in VPN software and cybersecurity. Founded in 2018, it rapidly grew exponentially.

In 2021 Surfshark individuated APAC as a promising market. To accomplish its goals in the region Surfshark partnered up with CreatorDB agency team in order to contact and manage local content creators.


Surfshark noticed the Taiwanese market as promising and was moving to expand there.

Early 2021

Partnership with CreatorDB. Surfshark had access to a local team of agents who could leverage proprietary discovery and contacting tools, allowing a streamlined process for evaluating and onboarding talents.

May 2021

6 creators released videos with Surfshark integrations

June 2021

14 videos with Surfshark integrations (+233%)

July 2021

Monthly integrations grew to over 40 (+683%)

December 2021

Over 100 monthly integrations (+1666%)

July 2022

Surfshark and CreatorDB are invited to attend the Taiwan Creator’s Year-End Party 2022

December 2022


Adapt the communication to the Asian markets

Familiarize the audience with VPNs

Establish Surfshark as THE VPN in Taiwan


Establish clear guidelines

CreatorDB Agency prepared a creative brief to explain the boundaries and how to integrate Surfshark’s message while maintaining originality and creativity.

Case-based approach

Each promotion had to include at least two use cases for a VPN. Creators were encouraged to tweak the use cases to tailor their audience.

Always on campaign on YouTube

Optimize and perfect CreatorDB’s tools to achieve better niche discovery and creator outreach. Expand to different influencers’ profiles adapting the message to their audience.


Videos with Surfshark integration per month

Within 18 months, CreatorDB broker deals for 1184 integrations from 807 different creators, achieving tens of millions of views and establishing Surfshark as the staple name for VPN in Taiwan.

Ubiquitous presence on Taiwanese YouTube

The campaign rapidly gained online notoriety, with users on various Taiwanese bulletin boards wondering how Surfshark could afford so many ads as early as November 2021.

Most searched VPN in Taiwan

Within five months of CreatorDB taking over the Asian marketing for Surfshark, organic searches in Taiwan were soaring compared to other VPN brands. Since late 2021 Surfshark has dominated the Taiwanese market, and the trend doesn’t show any sign of change.

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