Influencer discovery

Identify the right creator to meet your needs. 

Audience targeting

Find where your target audience hangs out.

Content analysis

What niche or category works better for your campaign.

Competitor analysis

See how you stack up against the competition.

Market Insights

Access 360° of any field, always ahead of the trend.

Preach to the right ears

Audience Targeting

Audience Analysis

Know your audience

Demographic data is available for each creator so that you are always addressing the right audience.

And with our aggregated data, you can quickly know the gender, nationality, and age group for any of the 500+ topics we track.

Content reaction

Chose winning content

See the audience sentiment, engagement, and comments for any video published.

Rapidly individuate what your target audience likes and plan your campaign accordingly.

Monitor engagement

What makes people talk

Spot the real outliers: individuate the content that sparks discussions and compares engagement rates with the averages in the topic or niche it belongs to.

Catch how engagement is growing for each content creator and identify who is going to be the next viral hit.

Sponsored content Metrics

Avoid oversaturation

Effortlessly differentiate between sponsored and organic content.

Know how often a creator is accepting sponsored content and from which brands.

Let’s Get Started

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