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Discover the best YouTube & Instagram creators.

CreatorDB helps you get more out of your influencer marketing budget.


Use CreatorDB's categorization & other data points to quickly find many influencers in your niche.


Filter results using 70+ data points for creators or more than a dozen for Instagram hashtags.


Quickly gain a deep understand of a creator's influence both past, now and predicted.

You’ll be in great company

Major corporations as well as some of the largest advertisers on YouTube have benefitted from CreatorDB for their campaigns.

Key Features


CreatorDB independently categorizes creators using machine learning and data labeling to help you find creators that fit.

Instagram Hashtag Filtering

View a hashtag's feed of posts on Instagram while filtering by either the post's or creator's different metrics.

Industry Reports

Examine the social media trends, important creators, audience demographics and other information by industry.

Contact Emails

Business contact emails are also provided for the majority of creators. No more searching, YouTube limits or captchas.


Gain contextual understanding by seeing a creator's stats relative to all other channels or only channels with similar content.

Related Creator Search

Create a list of creators to your liking and conduct a CreatorDB related search to find many more similar creators.

CreatorDB Team

We're a fully distributed team, meaning that we'll be fixing bugs and replying to your questions from around the world!

Clayton Jacobs

CEO & Founder
Taipei, Taiwan

Nerd for all things nerdy. D&D Dungeon Master, PC gamer, board game collector, Lord of the Rings quoter. Professional insomniac.

Noah Hynam

VP of CreatorDB Services & Founder
Taipei, Taiwan

Resident cheese enthusiast. Overnourished dad type, elitist indie gamer, travel hippie, and perpetually smiling. Professional sleeper.

Andy Chou

VP of Engineering
Taipei, Taiwan

Anime otaku. Code monkey. Age of Noob (Empires). Tea lover. More than professional sleeper.

Caroline Chang

Marketing Manager
Los Angeles, USA

Food snapshots blaster. A very caffeine-dependent life form. Recovering taro addict. In love with minimalist design. Happy thoughts only. I already want to take a nap tomorrow.

Amy Yu

Marketing Manager
Taipei, Taiwan

Big superhero movies fan, I love them all good or bad. Could discuss Rick & Morty fan theories all night long. Love food so much I've decided to marry a chef, just need to find one who loves sarcastic humor to make the match.

Melanie Wu

Marketing Manager
Los Angeles, USA

Extroverted Introvert. Living to experience life, social justice advocate, and enjoyer of all things food. Adventurer.

Ethan Choi

Marketing Manager - Korea
Taipei, Taiwan

Coffee lover who wants to be a coffee expert. Morning coffee is a great pleasure. I sleep well. I try to keep a gratitude journal every day, keep trying. A person in love with Taiwanese food. Loves all city building games.

Kazu Mashimo

Marketing Manager - Japan
Taipei, Taiwan

Fried Chicken freak. Cannot live without Taiwanese KFC. In my own words, KFC stands for "King of Fried Chicken". Sprite lover as well. KFC × Sprite = Mamma Mia!

Sachin Kothapalli

Machine Learning Engineer
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Jack of all trades. Ardent traveler, proper gastronome, sports enthusiast, amateur photographer, Marvel geek and the world's biggest bibliophile. Just another not-so-typical techie.

Lukas Karnasch

Business Intelligence Consultant
Taipei, Taiwan

When we first meet I will ask you if you've seen The Wire and judge you based on your response.