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CreatorDB is a leading global influencer marketing platform that promises ROI through detailed data, categorization, and filtering across your brand partnerships on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook.

Data packages

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campaigns that run themselves

Global account management

Campaigns that run themselves

A multi-lingual account management team that seamlessly integrates into your company to meet your needs and objectives while guiding your partnerships from start to finish.

Attract, Engage and Convert

Customizable data packages

CreatorDB has a proprietary machine-learning algorithm that quickly categorizes the content into 500 high-level categories and 5000 niches—creating over 100+ data points for each creator.

customizable data packages
powered by AI

Search, Discover and Analyze

Powered by AI

The CreatorDB Natural Language Processing (NLP) system is always on, combing through data with ease and precision to deliver the best influencers from Youtube, TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and Facebook to you every day.


Find the highest performers using a blend of comparative data and a human touch.

Creator Recruitment

Onboard creators efficiently with our targeted outreach program to ensure accurate creative.

Campaign Management

Creative assistance and content shaping allow creators to engage with audiences in a meaningful way to drive ROI.

Campaign Analysis

We provide insights into KPIs and content performance to grow your program to the next level.

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