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How can I determine the true ROI of my influencer campaigns?
I find it hard to find the right influencers for my business.
How can I see an influencer’s overall content performance?
How can I track the performance of a long-term campaign?

Finding influencers

Identify influencers with high engagement rates in specific niches.

Brand report

Stay ahead with our brand reports and outsmart the market with exclusive insights.

Trend analysis

Evaluate influencer performance metrics and audience demographics.

Comprehensive reporting

Generate detailed reports for internal and external stakeholders.

Influencer comparison

Compare influencers’ key metrics to select the best match for campaigns.

Market expansion

Discover influencers in new markets to expand brand reach.

How does CreatorDB work?

Discover influencers worldwide with our advanced influencer discovery tool with AI-trained filters & categorization for precise, efficient results that match your campaign’s needs.

Evaluate influencer profiles of all the key information. Get instant insights into compatibility and key metrics, simplifying your selection process.

Easily group selected influencers to compare their metrics at ease, uncovering lookalike creators to streamline decision-making for your campaigns.

Access comprehensive analytics on each influencer’s performance across platforms. Our AI-enhanced tools provide the detailed metrics you need to make informed decisions.

Dreaming of taking your brand global?

With our platform’s cross-border capabilities, informed by our agency’s extensive international expertise, CreatorDB is the gateway to your worldwide market success.

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Scale and maximize your marketing results with our expertise.

  • Influencer discovery
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign management (Coming soon)
  • Email outreach (Coming soon)
  • Access to customer success and technical support
  • API


Frequently Asked Questions

CreatorDB is a family of tools for the creator economy that combines advanced AI data analysis with direct human campaign management to offer the most comprehensive tools in the influencer marketing sphere. We provide companies with all they need to design and execute successful influencer marketing campaigns.

CreatorDB is for companies of any size that want to include influencer marketing in their campaigns.

CreatorDB offers four kinds of solutions:

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