Influencer discovery

Identify the right creator to meet your needs. 

Audience targeting

Find where your target audience hangs out.

Content analysis

What niche or category works better for your campaign.

Competitor analysis

See how you stack up against the competition.

Market Insights

Access 360° of any field, always ahead of the trend.

Get an eagle view

Market Insights


Industries in a nutshell

Our reports will provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-digest view of any topic you are interested in.

We keep track of 500+ topics to let you always know what is picking up steam.

Niche identification

Find new territories for expansion

Once you have decided on a primary area of interest our system will suggest niches connected to it. Allowing you to have a finer selection of influencers to partner with and discover new directions on where to expand your campaign.


Establish realistic goals

Set the bar the smart way. Create your goals around what are the category standard. No need to use gross generalizations, you can easily verify metrics for topics and single influencers.

Campaign tracking

Follow your success

Measure the impact of your campaigns, and promptly understand what is working by tracking the audience’s sentiment and engagement.

Be ready to build on your break through to achieve even larger success.

Let’s Get Started

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