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CreatorDB joins 500 Startups!

Posted by Clayton Jacobs | Sep 3, 2021

We are elated to announce that CreatorDB has been selected from a collection of wonderful startups headquartered in, incorporated in, or otherwise involved in Taiwan and its startup community for a 500 Startups acceleration program. We are honored to be in this 500 Startups by Taiwan Tech Arena program and see it as another point of validation for what we are trying to accomplish at CreatorDB.

See the full list of companies included in the 500 Startups by Taiwan Tech Arena program here.

See the press release from 500 Startups in English.

Our Story

The concept for CreatorDB began being worked on between the two co-founders Clayton Jacobs and Noah Hynam in October 2019 with the core idea that businesses miss out on opportunities on working with small & medium content creators because they are more difficult to discover. We found that statistically smaller creators have higher engagement and businesses could split marketing budget across several creators in their niche instead of one large creator and get nearly triple the number of engagements for the same amount of money.

With this concept in mind came a more concise mission of helping companies spend their time and money efficiently when it comes to influencer marketing. We work to achieve this through our platform CreatorDB and end-to-end influencer marketing agency services.

Our Solution

Our flagship product is CreatorDB which is a SaaS tool focused on helping users discover the best content creators for their marketing campaigns by filtering through 100,000s of creators by their metrics or data points unique to CreatorDB such as our content categorization system. CreatorDB is focused on YouTube & Instagram influencers and collects daily data to make sure that information is up to date and trends can be more easily spotted. In addition, CreatorDB has the contact email for around half of the creators in our database so users can more easily contact them. All this data is also available through an API.

We also operate an internal influencer marketing agency that provides end-to-end services primarily in English, Mandarin, and Korean with other countries available as well. We work with companies like NordVPN, Wildlife Studios, Disney official partners among many others. We have no baseline fees and make the process as simple as possible for our clients while delivering the best influencers in terms of ROI by using our software tools.

What's Next

We look forward to working with 500 Startups, advisors, customers, partners, and our investors to continuing developing CreatorDB. Our goal is to build a platform that can provide a full suite influencer marketing management solution. We look forward to delivering an experience that can help campaigns quickly identify and contact influencers with automation then have valuable analysis be automatically generated. We also look forward to adding additional social media platforms to our database to help marketers have more of a one-stop solution.

Be on the lookout for our version 1.4 which is planned to be released before the end of 2021. The focus of the update will be on identifying various brands' activity with influencers so it will be easy to see who your competitors are cooperating with on sponsored content. We will also be greatly scaling up the number of influencers in our system thanks to Digital Ocean welcoming us into their Hatch program for startups.

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