• CreatorDB has Launched!

    CreatorDB has Launched!

    Today we are happy to announce the launch of CreatorDB, our new influencer marketing software platform.

    Discovering and evaluating YouTube creators is the focus of this platform, enabling brands and agencies to find the perfect fit for their campaigns. It features AI and human-curated categorization, among 70 other data points, that allow for extremely specific searches. The categorization is broken into 500+ topics and 5500+ niches which are unique to CreatorDB. These categories are the result of tens of thousands of manually labeled channels combined with assignments from a machine learning algorithm.

    The other data points include all primary stats such as engagement rate, average views, subscribers, business contact/email, suggested CPM rates, and much more. All of which are updated on a daily basis and have their historical values available as well.

    Anybody who wants to try CreatorDB for 1 month for $1 can book a 15-minute demo here and receive a coupon code.

    Happy influencing!