• CreatorDB v1.4 is here!

    CreatorDB v1.4 is here!

    We’re excited to present you our fourth development update blog. We’re always looking to enhance your experience here at CreatorDB, and we’ve been busy recently working hard on some improvements. We are launching this update to CreatorDB at the beginning of 2022 targeted at brands who are wishing to sponsor creators.

    We are following through on this focus by the incorporation of brand information for sponsorships about creators, greatly expanding the number of creators in the database, exportable/importable data, among several small user experience updates

    Brand information – Get the details you need 

    Now you can search through creators that have been sponsored by a specific company. Similar to each creator, each company will have its own profile in CreatorDB. Each company has a page that lists all of the creators and videos that the company was associated with sponsoring. Additionally, graphs are available with statistics like how many videos are sponsored per day and the number of new views on videos sponsored by the company.

    You can view the list of all creator previews on the main company page and have the option to click on it to show more details. This detailed page shows the different creators that the company has worked with that can be sorted through different statistics such as the most recent collaboration, the largest total number of collaborations, and average views for collaboration.

    Here’s what’s new in Brand Information: 

    • Brand profile searching – Easily search for brands to see their profile by their name, industry, key executives, or HQ country. This will lead to the brand’s profile page which tracks all sorts of information about the company itself as well as following the content which they sponsor on YouTube by channel or individual video.
    • Creator collaborations – The channel details page has a section dedicated to the most recent videos from each creator which were tagged as sponsored by that brand.

    • Sponsored video labeling – When clicking into a video’s detail, a further data point is added about whether the video was sponsored or not.

    • Sponsored video statistics – Under the advanced details of each creator, further data points are added such as:
      • Average views/engagement of videos that are sponsored
      • Percentage of videos that are sponsored
      • How many different sponsors the creator has worked with

    Need result data exported or imported? 

    • Search results export – Export the results from the search as an excel file with the stats where the creators are listed in columns, after conducting a search in the advanced search. Searches can be extended by using additional search credits and selecting “Show More”, the export feature will export all results on the screen.
    • Groups export – For creators who are saved within a group.
    • Groups import – Upload an excel sheet of channel IDs or YouTube links to add their CreatorDB profiles to the group allows the creation of new groups or the addition of new creators to an existing group. If you come across any channels that are not in the CreatorDB database yet, you have the option to submit them.

    YouTube creator expansion 

    We’ve increased the database to at least one million creators from YouTube & Instagram on CreatorDB. We have especially increased the number of creators we are tracking from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

    Adding creators with social links

    When submitting new creators, you can paste the link for the creator’s social page to have them added to CreatorDB instead of only allowing for the submission of channel IDs.

    What’s next

    We’ve been working hard on expanding our dataset across the social sites that we already manage as well as some potential new ones. In addition, we are eyeing more tools around campaign management for later in the year. We value input from all of our users, so please feel free to contact us with your feedback.

    Meanwhile, take a look at the tasks and projects you might be able to accomplish with these feature updates. Take a look at your own brand, or a competitor’s, or see the difference between how a particular creator’s content performs when sponsored vs when not. We hope you can utilize them to improve your daily workflow!