• CreatorDB Embraces AI Revolution with New Data Engineering Department

    CreatorDB Embraces AI Revolution with New Data Engineering Department

    Taipei, Taiwan – CreatorDB, a leading influencer marketing platform, has taken a significant step forward with the launch of its Data Engineering Department. This move not only showcases the company’s drive to blend the latest in AI and research with its platform but reflects its dedication to innovation and progress.

    The department will focus on utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to refine and elevate how brands and influencers connect. Incorporating tools such as NLP/LLM means CreatorDB can offer even more authentic and efficient connections. In addition, the Department plans to work closely with internal team members to ensure all departments benefit from the advancements in data engineering.

    Dominic Cope, with nearly two decades of professional experience in Taiwan, assumes the role of Director of Data Engineering. Cope’s diverse career journey started in a marketing and design firm, leading him to an IoT platform and services startup where he served as the Director of Operations. He progressed through multiple Director-level positions at Gogoro, overseeing diverse projects from FinTech innovations to global expansion initiatives. Now, he brings his extensive experience and visionary approach to CreatorDB, immersing himself in the intricate realm of data engineering.

    As an expert in AI and Machine Learning, Francisco Martos Triguero will join as the Head Machine Learning Engineer and report to Cope. Together, they chart an ambitious course for CreatorDB. The dynamic duo aims to spearhead initiatives such as patent developments, enhance the quality and consistency of the data in the database, and synergistically work with the other departments to improve CreatorDB’s offering and effectiveness to bring unparalleled value to clients.

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