• CreatorDB v1.3 Dev Blog: Advanced Instagram Hashtag Search, new Pricing Plans, Revamped Registration, Standalone Instagram Pages, Improved Language Detection

    CreatorDB v1.3 Dev Blog: Advanced Instagram Hashtag Search, new Pricing Plans, Revamped Registration, Standalone Instagram Pages, Improved Language Detection

    Hi Everybody!

    Excited to once again be back with another development update blog, can’t believe this is already our third one! We have been maintaining the trend of looking closely at what our users are communicating with us and running with that as the focus of our development resources. For this version update, it is primarily in two areas, the first of which being user experience/value offering as well as continuing from our last update to provide more data & features surrounding Instagram creators.

    On top of the additional features described in this update post, we have greatly increased the number of creators in our database with 20% more YouTubers and 400% more Instagram creators.

    Thank you to all of our users for their support thus far and we look forward to developing CreatorDB into more and more of a powerful influencer marketing tool.

    Our big new feature. This feature allows for users to go through a feed of Instagram posts just as one would when viewing the posts from a particular hashtag in the official Instagram app, but filter for creator and post data points. This way the feed of posts being shown can fit within a specific type of statistical requirements.

    For an example post, the screenshot below shows a search with the following specific filters applied to the search:

    • The post needs to have #makeup
    • The creator needs more than 10,000 followers
    • The post needs to have more than 100 likes
    • The creator should overall have an engagement rate higher than 3%

    2. Pricing plan changes (new free plan!)

    Another big change! After receiving feedback and observing patterns based on how our users are using CreatorDB, we decided to revise both the monthly costs as well as the amount of data provided at each tier. Our Enterprise tier remains relatively untouched in terms of providing unlimited data to our large customers. The primary changes come in the middle tiers, both decreasing the price for the tiers and aligning the amount of data offered at each level to increase the value offered per cost for all users.

    Additionally, we have decided to release a Free tier of CreatorDB that will provide small amounts of data in each category. This way teams with very small data needs or those trying to get a taste for the value that CreatorDB could provide for their business can have a try.

    Additional details about the specific limits and prices available at each tier can be found on our pricing page. Or seen below (the prices shown below are for when purchasing an annual plan):

    3. Standalone Instagram data profiles

    To continue along with the trend set forward in the v1.2 release, we are working more and more to make CreatorDB social media platform-agnostic and this separation of Instagram profiles from YouTube ones in order to let them be independent within CreatorDB is a large step in that direction. Essentially, in our backend, it is no longer required for an Instagram user to have a YouTube account attached to them in order to be included in our database.

    We plan on keeping this going on for the future as we continue to add additional social platforms beyond Instagram and YouTube to CreatorDB. This also allowed for feature number 5 discussed below to be possible.

    4. Revamped login & registration

    A small but meaningful update for new users to simplify user experience flow around new account registration, sign-in, and password recovery. Not to mention the page is looking a lot prettier.

    Feel free to create accounts using either the CreatorDB account system or simply by connecting your Google account. Both ways provide the same experience, but just make sure to keep using the same account system you signed up with.

    5. New Instagram creator submission

    Just like before in CreatorDB where users could submit any YouTube channels which weren’t already in our database to have data collected on, the same can now be done with Instagram users. Under the same “Submit New Creators” page there is now a toggle to select Instagram and add any users the same way.

    6. Language detection improvement

    Through dealing with some of our various international customers we discovered that the accuracy of the language detection algorithm we were using for a creator’s individual YouTube videos wasn’t up to our high bar for data quality.

    We have adopted a new method of detecting the language for each individual video which we are finding to have a greater degree of accuracy.

    That’s all from this update, we are hoping in the future for the pace of these updates to increase, but beyond new features, our top priority is maintaining the stability of data collection which can be a challenge with each social media platform being its own moving target. In future updates, expect upgrades when it comes to the data available on each channel and then further in the future more campaign analysis and management tools.

    Also, if you are ever looking for more hands-on help with your influencer marketing campaigns, feel free to reach out to us to learn more about CreatorDB Services. We provide end-to-end agency services and have worked with some of the largest advertisers in the industry.

    See you in the version 1.4 update blog!