• How to Repurpose Influencer Content?

    How to Repurpose Influencer Content?

    In today’s digital landscape, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audience. However, the content influencers create and share lives on their social media pages and soon get buried by new posts.

    That’s where the idea of repurposing influencer content comes into play.

    In this article, we explore the art of repurposing influencer content and how it can revolutionize your marketing strategy.

    What is influencer content?

    Influencer content is any content that an influencer shares or posts online, such as photos, videos, podcasts, etc. By repackaging and reusing existing influencer content, brands can maximize their investment, boost their reach, and engage their audience in creative ways.

    These are sponsored content and include mentions of your brand and products. While repurposing content is a fairly common practice, it is important to be clear with the influencers you work with that you plan to repurpose the content when pitching the collaboration to them.

    Why repurposing influencer content

    Reminder: When considering repurposing influencer content, we only consider the content created for a collaboration with your brand.

    Repurposing influencer content allows your brand to bring a multichannel approach to influencer marketing, enhance your brand’s social proof, and simplify your marketing content creation process.

    Influencer content mainly lives in social media. Because of the nature of social media, the life cycle of content is quite short. While it is more than enough to generate results, such as brand awareness, sales, and trust-building efforts, it also means that in order to keep the campaign going, there always be new content coming out.

    But this may not be true for other marketing channels: testimonials on your websites, paid advertising and case studies can be created out of influencer-generated content, they will allow you to expand the reach of the influencer content out of social media and into your channels.

    Repurposing influencer content should be a part of your marketing plan before starting an influencer marketing campaign, you would be able to best decide which kind of content fits your need the most and how to allocate properly your budget.

    To find the best fit for your campaign, consider using an influencer marketing platform like CreatorDB. It would make the whole process smoother and quicker to identify potential influencers and evaluate their content.

    5 Points to consider when repurposing influencer content

    Repurposing influencer content requires an understanding of the unique characteristics of each social media platform. Customizing content for specific channels allows you to maximize engagement and expand your reach among your target audience.

    Here we present you a few strategies when it comes to repurposing content:

    Understanding Platform Nuances

    Each platform has distinct features. Instagram is visually rich, emphasizing striking images and concise videos, whereas Twitter thrives on short, impactful messages.

    Grasping these variances ensures that you mold influencer content to meet the expectations of each platform’s users.

    Video Repurposing Strategies

    To optimize influencer videos, extract concise clips perfect for Instagram or TikTok, which favor short, captivating content. Accompany visuals with transcribed key points or brief captions to enhance engagement and accessibility.

    Image Repurposing Techniques

    Adapting images for diverse platforms can extend their appeal. An influencer’s high-resolution photo, while ideal for Instagram, can also be reformatted into a visual quote or meme suitable for Twitter or Pinterest. This approach allows you to tap into new audiences and prolong the content’s relevance.

    Maximizing the Value of Captions

    Influencer captions often encapsulate valuable insights. Transform these into blog posts, LinkedIn articles, or microblogs on platforms like Tumblr or Medium. This not only broadens the influencer’s message reach but also diversifies content across platforms.

    Real-World Application

    Consider an influencer’s YouTube video tutorial on a novel makeup technique. By extracting short clips of key steps for an Instagram montage and turning the detailed explanation into a blog post with added tips, you cater to the strengths of each platform and engage diverse audiences.

    How to properly repurpose influencer content

    There are no limits on how to repurpose influencer content but most commonly it gets used to post on the brand’s own channels, create paid ads, and graphics for your website, starting point for case studies, and reviews.

    Reposting in owned channels

    You can share the content influencers created around your brand and products on your channel. This way, you will obtain double promotion and help drive interest and attention to your platforms. You could post it as it is or combine various pieces of content to create something new.

    Use it for paid ads

    Repurposing influencer content for paid ads can be an excellent strategy to grab your potential customer’s attention and stand out of the crowd.

    Also if your influencer marketing campaign involves multiple creators it will allow you to have multiple creatives at the same time and not tire your audience with always the same ad.

    Use it as graphics for your website

    Influencers are experts in crafting astonishing pictures or video visuals so it makes perfect sense to recycle them to populate your own website.

    Once again the larger your influencer marketing campaign the more content you will have for your website and the more often you can change the look accordingly to themed campaigns you may be running

    Case studies

    You can use especially interesting pieces of influencer content to create case studies that highlight specific aspects of your marketing or your products. While it distances a bit from the traditional way of marketing consumer products it can be very beneficial to grab the attention of more dedicated customers a further build trust and brand loyalty.


    Influencer content is a great source of reviews and testimonials for your brand and products, you may want to start embedding posts and videos that are particularly flattering of your products on your website homepage.

    Infographic summarizing the content under the heading How to properly repurpose influencer content

    Best practices

    To be sure to not run into any conflict with the influencers that created the content, always remember, that the long-term value of an influencer is much higher than the short-term one. Use the content in a manner that is relevant you should always follow these three simple directions:

    Get permission from the influencer before you repurpose their content

    This is especially important if you plan to use the content in a way that is different from how it was originally created.

    Make sure the content is relevant to your brand and target audience

    Don’t just repurpose content for the sake of it

    Give credit to the influencer

    Give credit to the original creator when you repurpose the content. This is important to show your appreciation for their work and start connecting and building relationships with them.


    Influencer marketing alone, with its ability to specifically target selected niches and establish brand trust and recognition, already brings numerous benefits to anyone who adds it to their marketing basket.

    But without repurposing the influencers’ content, it is almost as if half the benefits are left at the table: while you gained direct exposure to the influencers’ audience, you have passed on improving your marketing channels.

    This is why it’s important to discuss influencer content repurposing when establishing relationships with the influencers. Have a plan to use the content created by reposting it on your social media or to strengthen social proof on your website.