• 4 Influencer Marketing Tools to Better Your Campaign

    4 Influencer Marketing Tools to Better Your Campaign

    To pull off the best influencer marketing campaign you are going to need the right tools. Read along to discover what influencer marketing tools are and how they can make your life easier.

    What is influencer marketing?

    Influencer marketing consists of partnering with online personalities in order to target specific groups and demographics with advertisements they will find relatable and coming from a familiar source.

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    Why tools are important for influencer marketing?

    Social media are extremely vast and often don’t offer effective ways to browse them. In many cases, the platforms are strict about the data that are provided and in which format they are provided.

    Influencer marketing tools are going to fill this gap allowing for a smoother experience throughout your whole marketing journey

    What you can expect from this list?

    This list of influencer marketing tools is going to cover all your essential needs from the inception of a campaign to carry it out. It will cover influencer discovery, contacting, content creation, and campaign tracking.

    Infographic summarizing the four tools to better an influence marketing campaign: influencer discovery tools, Influencer marketplace platform, content creation tools, and analytics software.

    Influencer discovery tools

    Influencer discovery tools are a must-have in most influencer marketing campaigns and allow for rapid individuation of creators that align with your brand.

    What is influencer discovery?

    Influencer discovery is the process of finding influencers that are good fits for your brand and your campaign. This involves identifying influencers that

    • have a following in your target market and niche.
    • are actively engaged and trusted by their audience.
    • create high-quality content.

    For example, if you are a lifestyle brand and you are looking for an influencer to partner with you may browse some popular hashtags in your niche. But it would only bring up the most trending content at the moment, also weighted on what the algorithm understands to be your taste. 

    Influencer discovery tools allow a more neutral look at content and creators. Making it easier to see the trends in their performances and identify the best fitting for your goals.

    To find the perfect fitting influencer, you want to look at the following metrics: 

    • following’s size
    • Demographics
    • engagement rate
    • content niche
    • tone of the content

    An influencer should not only be someone with expertise in the field of your brand but also someone whose values and vision align with your brand.

    Influencer discovery can be done organically by combing through social media and looking for popular hashtags or by using professional influencer discovery tools. Finding enough information to make an informed decision using organic searches can be very time-consuming and requires a deep understanding of the market you are targeting to be done effectively.

    Why do you need an influencer discovery tool?

    An influencer discovery tool can be a true game changer for setting up an influencer marketing campaign the right way. By collecting large amounts of data on influencers across various platforms influencer discovery tools enable one to compare different influencers on many different metrics.

    Influencer discovery tools not only show things such as followers count, posts likes, and amount of comments but tools, like CreatorDB, can provide trends over time, growth rate, and sentiment of the audience.

    By relying on one your influencer marketing will have a strong data-backed foundation without the burden of collecting and analyzing the data of each creator yourself.

    Influencer discovery tools are a necessity for any brand that is looking to establish a strong and result-oriented influencer marketing campaign. Thanks to such tools a brand can quickly discover solid candidates to partner with and roll out campaigns effectively.

    Influencer marketplace platform

    What is an influencer marketplace?

    An influencer marketplace is a platform that connects brands with influencers. They often allow brands to search influencers by criteria such as follower count, engagement rate, or audience demographics.

    They provide deeper analytics about the influencer but a much smaller pool of creators to choose from. 

    Many influencer marketplaces allow also for brands to post collaboration opportunities and for influences to apply. This can be a great choice if your brand is looking to collaborate with many small influencers at the same time and doesn’t want to look for each of them individually.

    Why do brands need an influencer marketplace?

    Influencer marketplaces are easy to use since their primary function is to connect brands and influencers. Often they allow for searching for an influencer and messaging it without leaving the platform. 

    The use of an influencer marketplace is typically going to give access to a direct channel with influencers saving time on cold-emailing. While also giving a price to a collaboration right away and preventing spending time to pursue deals out of the budget range.

    Content creation tools

    While we suggest that you leave most of the creative process to the content creators and trust their expertise on what their audience enjoys, we also think there are some situations where you should get your hands dirty.

    Why content creation tools in influencer marketing?

    If you are carrying out a campaign that involves multiple influencers or a specific message you may want to be able to have a certain level of control over the style and aesthetic of the campaign. 

    You may want to provide the creators of your campaign with custom-created assets that are shared across the campaign. These may include virtual backdrops, banners, and personalized packaging. 

    What are the basic needs for a content creation tool?

    When it comes to content creation tools, you may want to consider the one that allows you to do as much as possible in the same environment. You should be looking at:

    • Visual creation/editing
    • Video creation/editing
    • Exporting in different formats 
    • Creation of templates
    • Royalty-free assets
    • Screen recording

    Each campaign is going to be different and the needs in regard to content creation will be different as well. These are just the most common needs you will have to face while managing an influencer marketing campaign.

    Campaign tracking & analytics tool

    What is a campaign tracking and analytics tool?

    An influencer campaign tracking and analytics tool helps brands track and measure the performances of their marketing campaigns. Tracking metrics like engagement, and sentiment, and correlating them with other content in similar categories allows brands to understand if the influencers are performing well or not.

    Similarly to influencer discovery tools, they allow brands to understand if an influencer is a good fit for them and if their product is resonating with their audience. By monitoring how various metrics move in relation to different creators and types of content they can highlight better-performing strategies and allow for the improvement of the campaign during its course.

    Why do you need to track your influencer marketing campaign?

    Not tracking your influencer marketing campaign would be equal to learning to drive and then do it blindfolded. While in theory, all the concepts required to do it are clear in your mind you are relying that nothing unexpected happens.

    Social media are a fast-paced environment where what works today may not work tomorrow, it probably will but better be sure. Keeping an eye on your campaign while it runs would allow you to adapt to rapid changes and turns.

    Being able to change course or embrace new trends is the card up your sleeve you need to adapt your influencer marketing campaign to the social media environment.

    Furthermore, tracking results and understanding how different creators perform will give you an understanding of who are the influencers you want to extend the partnership with, and maybe turn them into brand ambassadors and who are the ones that are not such a good fit.