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Spice Up Your Influencer Marketing Halloween 2022

Halloween: the holiday that millions celebrate across the world. There’s no doubt that everybody loves Halloween – make the most of this annual tradition by collaborating with influencers on Halloween-themed content! If you want to pumpkin-spice up your influencer marketing for Halloween this year, this is for you.

It’s all about the scare, cook or bake a scary treat!

Sweet treats are a hit all year round, so why not add a spooky edge to them this Halloween? Keep up with the trends by working with influencers who can show your audiences how to cook or bake a scary treat. Choose influencers who are up to the challenge!

Google-sponsored influencer Rosanna Pansino delivered exactly that with her last-minute Halloween recipe video – check it out!

Pumpkin season or ghost season? Show yourself carving a pumpkin!

There’s no surer sign that Halloween is coming than seeing jack-o’-lanterns everywhere! Carving pumpkins is synonymous with the spooky season, so select an influencer who can show their talent this Halloween.

Influencer DaveHax showed us how easy it is to feel the Halloween vibes by carving jack-o’-lanterns.

Dress-up your fur babies this Halloween

Everybody loves fur babies! If your company offers products or services for pets, then this is the perfect time to partner with an influencer who can showcase the spookier side of their pets this Halloween season!

Take a look at YouTube influencer Stephanie Moratto, who is known to have a lot of fur babies and pets. Since she loves her pets, she grabbed this opportunity to dress up all of her dogs!

A spooky (and sponsored) tutorial

If your company is all about makeup, then partnering with a makeup guru is one of your best shots this Halloween! Choose an influencer who can show off your products as part of a Halloween makeup idea video.

Youtube star Stephanie Toms is an excellent makeup guru who came up with an excellent, Halloween-themed look!

About CreatorDB

As all these influencer marketing halloween trends are going on, grab this opportunity to connect with the most appropriate influencers for your brand. With CreatorDB, the right influencers are at your fingertips. Make the most of our ever-growing influencer database and platform, advanced data packages, and a dedicated influencer marketing agency to make connecting to the right influencers for any season easier and faster.

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