• 6 Terrific Halloween Ideas for a Nightmare 2023 Influencer Campaign

    6 Terrific Halloween Ideas for a Nightmare 2023 Influencer Campaign

    Halloween: the holiday that millions celebrate across the world. There’s no doubt that everybody loves Halloween – make the most of this annual tradition by collaborating with influencers on Halloween-themed content! If you want to pumpkin-spice up your influencer marketing for Halloween this year, this is for you.

    Why use influencer marketing during Halloween

    Halloween is a prime moment to execute an influencer marketing campaign. As during other holidays, people are more likely to spend time on social media and engage with brands and they are prone to shop

    Moreover, Halloween is a very visual holiday: costumes and dressing up are a main part of it, and many will prepare decorations for the house and so on. 

    To find inspiration and tutorials many look to influencer content on social media making it a prime time for brands to organize partnerships and campaigns.

    By partnering with influencers for a campaign around Halloween a brand will have access to a highly interested audience. 

    With the spooky season coming there are going to be many dedicated content categories that will emerge and that can be integrated with a marketing campaign.

    In this article, we will introduce six content ideas for brands to use when partnering with influencers. Is always possible to mix and combine to create some unique approaches.

    It’s all about the scare, cook or bake a scary treat!

    Sweet treats are a hit all year round, so why not add a spooky edge to them this Halloween? Keep up with the trends by working with influencers who can show your audiences how to cook or bake a scary treat. Choose influencers who are up to the challenge!

    Google-sponsored influencer Rosanna Pansino delivered exactly that with her last-minute recipe video – check it out!

    Pumpkin season or ghost season? Show yourself carving a pumpkin!

    There’s no surer sign that Halloween is coming than seeing jack-o’-lanterns everywhere! Carving pumpkins is synonymous with the spooky season, so select an influencer who can show their carving talent this.

    Influencer DaveHax showed us how easy it is to put everyone in the right mood by carving jack-o’-lanterns.

    Dress up your fur babies this Halloween

    Everybody loves fur babies! If your company offers products or services for pets, then this is the perfect time to partner with an influencer who can showcase the spookier side of their pets this season!

    Take a look at YouTube influencer Stephanie Moratto, who is known to have a lot of fur babies and pets. Since she loves her pets, she grabbed this opportunity to dress up all of her dogs!

    Spooky Halloween makeup

    If your company is all about makeup, then partnering with a makeup guru is one of your best shots this Halloween! Choose an influencer who can show off your products as part of a makeup idea video.

    Youtube star Stephanie Toms is an excellent makeup guru who came up with an excellent, scary look!

    DIY your terrifying Halloween decorations

    You can foster creativity and imagination by partnering with content creators who focus on how to make your own decorations for a haunting party!

    Mix Fun and Terror

    Collaborate with content creators in the costuming scene to find and show how Halloween can be also a moment for laughs.


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