• Top 20 Food Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Top 20 Food Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Valiant chefs, tasty recipes, and a lot of food!

    Whether you are looking for inspiration on your next dinner or just want to salivate at some mouthwatering meals here you will find it all.

    On social media, you can encounter Michelin-starred chefs teaching their secrets along with wild eaters who will make lasagna out of fast food burgers, all in the span of a few posts. Strap for a delicious journey into the best food influencers on YouTube and Instagram!

    While all these influencers may help you prepare delicious meals, if you need to prepare a tasty campaign check out our suggestions.

    Top 10 Food YouTubers

    1) – Nick DiGiovanni

    @NickDiGiovanni – 17.6M Subscribers

    Nick was a senior in college when he participated and arrived in 3rd place in season 10 of MasterChef.

    In his videos, he brings his audience cooking challenges, food hacks, cooking techniques, and exclusive restaurant experiences.

    If you are looking for inspiration on your next meal or just like to see chefs’ showdowns, Nick is the YouTuber for you.

    2) – Amaury Guichon

    @AmauryGuichonChef – 17.5M Subscribers

    If you like chocolate, Amaury is the chef for you.

    18 years as a party chef, owner of a pastry academy in Las Vegas, and a man who can make anything out of chocolate.

    When you need something relaxing and appetizing at the same time this will satisfy your needs.

    3) – Matt Stonie

    @mattstonie – 16.4M Subscribers

    Matt is a competitive eater holding the record for the fastest Happy Meal eaten (15.22 seconds).

    Made famous by beating Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contests in 2015 he took the chance by opening a YouTube channel and started filming food challenges and almost impossible meals.

    Maybe you are more of a grandma’s cooking kind of person? Check out how granfluencers are making the old cool.

    4) – Mark Wiens

    @MarkWiens – 10.6M Subscribers

    Mark brings foods from all over the world to his audience combining traveling and culinary exploration.

    His channel is a mandatory stop for any foodie who is looking to prepare a tour in a foreign land. From Afghanistan to Peru he has been everywhere, talking with locals and trying their most interesting dishes.

    5) – Joshua Weissman

    @JoshuaWeissman – 9.32M Subscribers

    Cooking and eating are Joshua’s bread and butter, two ingredients that he uses in abundance.

    Viral TikTok recipes, luscious meals, and cooking tutorials can all be found on his channel. With his friendly and easy style he will guide any watcher on many tasty explorations.

    6) – Epic Meal Time

    @epicmealtime – 6.76M Subscribers

    The OG of food hacks and crazy recipes.

    Hitting every meal with an unhinged personality and lust for food. Would you have ever thought that 15 Big Macs, 15 Baconators, and 15 Teen Burgers could have been the base for a lasagna? Because they definitely can.

    Over-the-top personalities are what many tune in to influencers for, but they can be a slow burn, that’s why you should think long-term.

    7) – itsQCP

    @itsQCP – 6.64M Subscribers

    A true Italian bringing pasta wherever he goes.

    From simple follow-along recipes to incredible collaborations, this YouTuber will bring you on a fanTastic journey with each upload.

    8) – Max the Meat Guy

    @MaxtheMeatGuy – 6.12M Subscribers

    Do you like meat?

    Then you will love Max. He covers anything meat-related: from taste comparisons to guides on how to BBQ indoors no topic about meat will be left untouched.

    9) – The Food Ranger

    @thefoodranger – 5.93M Subscribers

    Street food tours and journeys in foreign lands, the food ranger is going to bring you on an exploration of flavors.

    Currently, he is living in a village in Sichuan, China and learning all the tips and tricks of the local cuisine.

    10) – The Food Theorists

    @FoodTheory – 5.4M Subscribers

    The Food Theorists bring you all the hidden secrets about food, from how to properly cut a sandwich to food mascot lore.

    If you need to have more food-related entertainment in your life this is the channel you were looking for.

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    Top 10 Food Instagrammers

    1) Carleigh Bodrug

    @plantyou – 5.1 M Followers

    Do you need some extra veggies in your life? Carleigh is the influencer for you!

    From amazing salads to tasty vegan desserts, she got you covered.

    Enjoy a vegan and tasty meal anytime you want just by picking one of her recipes

    2) Yumna | Feel Good Foodie

    @feelgoodfoodie – 4.6 M Followers

    Yumna is going to be your go-to source for healthy and delicious recipes.

    Not only she will inspire your future cooking endeavor but she will also teach you new tricks and techniques to bring your stove game to the next level.

    3) The Pasta Queen

    @the_pastaqueen – 4.1 M Followers

    In love with pasta and her Italian roots since a young age Nadia “the Pasta Queen” Munno found that social media are the perfect medium to let her connect with an audience almost as much as her love for pasta.

    Combining traditional methods, careful flavor combination, and supreme mastery of the camera she will bring you to explore all the tastes of Italy comfortably from your couch.

    Want to cover all your bases in your influencer campaigns? Take into consideration cross-posting.

    4) Derek Wolf

    @overthefirecooking – 3.3 M Followers

    Derek discovered his passion for grilling over the fire in college while watching TV instead of doing homework.

    When he, and his wife, got a fire pit among their wedding gifts it was finally his moment to shine. From there on Derek devoted his energies and social media to showcase fire cooking and building a community around this technique.

    5) Shivesh Bhatia

    @shivesh17 – 2.4M Followers

    When you need a sweet treat to boost your day Shivesh is the guy to go to.

    Since 2014 he has been blogging and posting about baking. He has published 3 cookbooks, one became an Amazon Bestseller.

    His Instagram profile introduces easy and delicious recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

    6) Kenny song

    @kennylsong – 2.3M Followers

    What happens when a medicine student learns to cook to impress a girl and to edit videos to land a job for a famous YouTuber but doesn’t get the job?

    Kenny Song, that’s what happens! Sublime photography, a bit of melodramatic feeling, and millions of followers.

    Finding the right influencers can be tough, here are our suggestions on what to look for in an influencer platform.

    7) Hajar Larbah

    @moribyan – 2.3M Followers

    Hajar takes from her background in Nutrition and her Moroccan and Libyan roots to create delicious and light recipes that anyone can enjoy.

    From tens of kinds of burgers and breads to Noth African-inspired chicken each post will bring you that exotic flavor you are craving for.

    8) Lexi Harrison & Beth Sinclair

    @crowded_kitchen – 1.6M Followers

    Crowded Kitchen is a mother-daughter duo that specializes in creating easy and tasty recipes using seasonal ingredients to maximize freshness and healthiness.

    Their recipes are all plant-based and provide the warmth and comfort that each family should experience when sitting down together for a meal.

    9) Chef Reactions

    @chefreactions – 1.5M Followers

    Do you need a monotone Chef to give you food takes? Then you are in luck!

    Chef Reacts is exactly that: a chef commenting on the new trending social media cooking videos. Good or bad it doesn’t matter, get an expert take.

    10) Carolina Gelen

    @carolinagelen – 1.3M Followers

    A Romanian in the USA. With a cooking background going from casual cafes to five-star restaurants.

    She uses food as a universal language to break barriers and get closer to each other. Her approach is to share delicious and affordable ideas that everyone can do.

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