• Top 20 Tech & Science Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Top 20 Tech & Science Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Whether you are looking for the newest gadget or some of the most interesting engineering projects these tech influencers got you covered.

    If you need a refresher on how tech and science creators can be a great choice for your campaign, look no further than here.

    Top 10 Tech & Science YouTubers

    1) Marques Brownlee

    @mkbhd – 19M subscribers

    The undisputed king of YouTube tech reviews.

    MKBHD has been in the game for over 16 years.

    If you have ever had to decide on a new phone to buy is more than likely that you saw one of his videos.

    While he slowed down content production recently, he is still at the top of the game and the most trusted source when it comes to any tech gadget.

    2) Mrwhosetheboss

    @Mrwhosetheboss – 18.9M subscribers

    Mrwhosetheboss blends tech expertise, eye-catching content, and reviews all in one.

    Mixing challenges with the latest tech trends he is one of the most entertaining tech influencers out there.

    Whether you need to keep updated with the latest news on mobiles or just want to learn more about crazy Japanese tech exclusives Mrwhosetheboss is the man for you.

    3) Linus Tech Tips

    @LinusTechTips – 15.7M subscribers

    Dive into the depth of consumer technology with Linus and its crew.

    From building custom computers from Wish to tearing down Apple products Linus Tech Tips is an unpredictable mix of educational, surprising, and, at times, confusing content. But never dull.

    So if you are in search of the weirdest hardware combinations money can buy, go ahead and leave them a subscription.

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    4) Hacksmith Industries

    @hacksmith – 14.8M subscribers

    Hacksmith Industries uses their engineering knowledge to bring movies to life.

    Starting by prototyping a set of “real” Wolverine claws back in 2012 it then snowballed to larger projects like the Elysium Exoskeleton and the Power Loader from Aliens.

    In 2021 they started a collaboration with Marvel and Disney that solidified their status as the forefront of engineering.

    5) Primitive Technology

    @Primitivetechnology9550 – 10.9M subscribers

    Low tech is still tech.

    No power tools, no fire starters, no bricks.

    Everything used in these constructions is built from scratch by one single person on a quest to find how far he can go without using modern technology. And that’s pretty far.

    Many tune in to these videos just for the relaxing feeling that they get, while others to learn valuable skills they will use on their adventures.

    No matter which side you are on, you will get mesmerized by them.

    6) JerryRigEverything

    @JerryRigEverything – 8.72M subscribers

    Tech reviews can be useful… But do you ever wonder what is actually inside our gadgets?

    Well, Jerry does it for you. And takes them apart to figure it out.

    Jerry likes to review products and put them to the test, figuring out their limits. And then he opens them up. From phones to electric cars, and even the gold button he got from YouTube nothing has survived its grasp.

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    7) Adam Savage’s Tested

    @tested – 6.65M subscribers

    Adam Savage continues what he started on Mythbusters in the comfort of his workshop.

    With Tested Adam and his team explore the intersection of science, popular culture, and tech.

    The channel features some of the most impressive engineering work that is available on YouTube.

    8) TheBackyardScientist

    @TheBackyardScientist – 5.94M subscribers

    What a scientist can do when they do not have access to a lab?

    Use their backyard obviously! Or at least that is what this particular scientist has come up with.

    From molten metal to explosive projects, passing through stuff that is just too wacky to describe.

    Each one of the Backyard Scientist videos is an unpredictable rollercoaster that will keep you glued and wanting more.

    9) Inventor 101

    @Inventor101 – 5.56M subscribers

    Inventor 101 transforms everyday objects into fun projects and teaching opportunities to spread the beauty of technology and engineering.

    Improvised welding machines, battery regeneration, and DIY Bluetooth speakers are just some of the things you can find in each of their weekly uploads.

    10) The Action Lab

    @TheActionLab – 4.75M subscribers

    The Action Lab explores questions regarding physics, technology, and science with a fun and entertaining approach.

    With each video, they dive into experiments that tackle the questions we all have about the world around us.

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    Top 10 Tech & Science Instagrammers

    1) Niels

    @appledsign – 4.1M followers

    Niels brings you all the tips and tricks you need to know if you use Apple products.

    If you want to up your game in taking photos, fully utilizing your gadgets, or just keeping up with the latest Apple rumors, Niels is the influencer for you

    2) physicsfun

    @physicsfun – 2M followers

    Learn the real magic of this world: physics!

    Each post brings the fascinating world of physics and how it can look reality bending to its followers.

    If you like to be amazed do not hesitate and leave them a follow.

    3) Tiffany Janzen

    @tiffintech – 512K followers

    Tiffany is a tech educator who blends Coding, AI, and career advice in her unique and simple style.

    From little tricks to make your life easier to big projects no challenge is too large for her.

    If you are looking to level up your game and your career consider listening to her advice.

    4) Hall Of Tech

    @hall_of_tech – 409K followers

    The self-described Tech Baddie, straight out of her computer repair and custom-built shop is here to bring all is interesting in her job.

    Follow along gaming sessions, PC builds, and comedy sketches. Never a dull moment in the Hall of Tech.

    5) Rillo

    @itsrillo – 265K followers

    Rillo is an ex-NASA engineer turned content creator after being laid off.

    Through his channel, he brings to its audience new and exciting tech gadgets you will want to get your hands on right away.

    6) My Microscopic World

    @my.microscopic.world – 258K followers

    Start a travel into the very very small.

    With each post, you will see how extremely little creatures can also be fascinating. No matter if is a puddle of water, a leaf, or a drop of blood there is much more going on beyond the visible.

    Not so small to be featured under a microscope but micro-influencers are a phenomenon we should all look out for.

    7) Damon Scotting

    @thisisastronomical – 252K followers

    Damon brings everything about astrophysics to its audience.

    From scientific divulgation about some of the most fascinating questions about stars and galaxies to chill streaming from his backyard looking at the stars.

    Damon loves the night sky and can’t contain his enthusiasm when sharing his knowledge with his audience.

    8) nanilemons

    @nanilemons – 231K followers

    A software engineer at YouTube who posts skits, tech videos, and advice for tech-minded people.

    She uses her expertise to bring light to various topics that revolve around software, tech, YouTube, and more.

    9) Rick Aqua

    @rick_aqua – 168K followers

    Rick is a tech enthusiast who brings you all the tips and tricks you may need to improve your phone game.

    Whether you need to find out what an iPhone can really do or just need some help picking accessories to make your life easier Rick is the guy for you.

    10) Farah Hawa

    @farah_hawaa – 99.4K followers

    Farah is a professional in cyber security and ethical hacking.

    She uses her platform to bring her followers tips on how to improve their hacking game or start a career in cyber security.

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