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How Wargaming targeted Asian PC players through Influencer Marketing


Digital Entertainment 


Free-to-Play Strategy Games

Target Persona

Male, PC Users, Asian Servers players

Target Geography


About Wargaming

Wargaming was founded in 1998 and has been developing strategy games since then. Its primary offerings are the Free-to-Play titles World of Tanks and World-of-Tanks.

In May 2022, to boost the acquisition of players in the Asia region, Wargaming started collaborating with CreatorDB to reach out to local content creators and better target the desired audience.


Target PC Users

Build a community around the games

Improve Conversions


Use creators with most views from PC

CreatorDB Agency realized that in East Asia PC use was higher than southern regions. Hence, it decided to focus on the critical geographies of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

Have influencers play with the audience

Along with integrations, CreatorDB started to plan other kinds of content like livestreams and events connected with a country’s history (like Indonesia Indipendence day)

Forget Impressions

Experimenting with various formats other than integration, CreatorDB discovered that while dedicated videos and livestreams earned fewer total impressions, they brought a higher conversion rate, making them an excellent choice for user acquisition.


Within 9 months, CreatorDB mediated deals for 33 pieces of content, achieving over 6 million views and an average CPM of $14 per integration.

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