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Influencer regulations in Asia

Influencers regulations are different in each country, but thanks to our guide, it won’t be difficult for you to stay clear of any trouble

YouTube’s 2023 Priorities: Supporting Creator Success, Expanding Revenue Streams, and More

YouTube's CEO Neal Mohan recently announced the platform's new priorities in a community letter. Through Twitter, the platform also celebrates in 2022, its short-form video feature Shorts hit 50 billion daily views and gaming content received more than 2 trillion...

Analysis: The Growth Rates of Top vs. Bottom Social Media Creators at 100,000 Followers

We extracted the following metrics from CreatorDB’s database to analyze the difference of the growth rate of Top vs. Bottom social media creators at 100,000 Followers. 100,000 = the range 75.000 to 125.000 Youtube 10th percentile growth = 0.0% 90th percentile growth =...

TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, Which Platform has the Highest Growth Rates?

We extracted the following metrics from CreatorDB's database to address the most pressing question in the influencer marketing industry: "Which social media platform has the highest engagement rate?" 10.000 to 100.000 followers: IG: 4.7% TikTok: 189% Youtube: 4.2%...