• CreatorDB to Showcase Cross-Border Influencer Marketing Expertise at Web Summit

    CreatorDB to Showcase Cross-Border Influencer Marketing Expertise at Web Summit

    Taipei, Taiwan – CreatorDB, a leading influencer data platform featuring an agency with a global mindset, is set to share its expertise in connecting Eastern and Western markets through influencer marketing at this year’s Web Summit. Specializing in bridging the gap between diverse cultures, CreatorDB’s in-house multilingual influencer marketing agency offers businesses the tools they need to reach a global audience.

    CreatorDB has established itself as a bond between East and West, offering tools and strategies that enable businesses to engage with a global audience effectively. The company’s team of experts facilitates connections between brands and a wide range of influencers, fostering communication and understanding across different cultures.

    In addition to showcasing its agency services, CreatorDB will also introduce its influencer API — a vital component of its offering. This tool allows businesses to incorporate a rich database of influencer insights into their existing workflows, ensuring a more streamlined and effective influencer marketing process.

    CreatorDB’s presence at the Web Summit is a statement of their commitment to breaking down barriers in international business. They are not just about finding an influencer; they’re about finding the right voice to speak to customers on both sides of the world. 

    About CreatorDB

    CreatorDB is a leading influencer data platform with an in-house agency, connecting brands and agencies with influencers who align with their values and goals. The company’s innovative platform enables users to search and filter through a database of over 4 million creators globally, making finding the right influencer for any campaign easier than ever. For more information on CreatorDB and its services, visit https://www.creatordb.app/