• 7 Powerful Tips For Your Mobile Gaming Influencer Marketing Triumph

    7 Powerful Tips For Your Mobile Gaming Influencer Marketing Triumph

    Mobile gaming and influencer marketing can combine perfectly to help a game achieve notoriety and engage with its audience. But only a few companies know how to do it right. Our list of ideas will help you smash your UA goals and ensure success.

    Why influencer marketing will help your mobile game?

    By partnering with the right influencer, mobile game developers and publishers can easily reach their target audience and use their expertise to present them with an engaging and intriguing message to drive user acquisition.

    Influencer marketing is perceived as less invasive and more trusted than traditional ads and other marketing channels since the message’s source is someone known for their expertise. Since video games are one of the largest categories of online entertainment and many online personalities are at their core videogame players, any game publisher should consider partnering with relevant content creators for their product promotion.

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    How to ace mobile gaming influencer marketing?

    There are a few things that you have to keep in mind when considering a mobile gaming influencer marketing campaign:

    Know your influencers

    When partnering with a new influencer, consider their track record of previous sponsorships and get familiar with their content and the inside jokes that run among the community. Being aware of the inner workings of the community will help you craft a campaign that will be felt as organic and not just shoved by a faceless corporation.

    Be ready to be poked fun at

    nobody likes ads, but we all know they are necessary, and a funny ad is better than one that takes itself too seriously. Give in to the more memeable aspects of your offer and keep it lighthearted.

    Use the community response to improve your messaging

    watch how the audience talks about you and your offer. They will be your litmus test. Thanks to them, you can identify what resonates with the audience and push on those notes to achieve even better results.

    7 ideas for your mobile gaming influencer marketing campaign

    1# Integrations

    That’s the most straightforward way to do it. You will contact influencers to promote your game for 1 minute in one of their videos. It is a direct approach that relies on having the creator explain your game, show some features, and highlight the strong points.

    Integrations can be paired with giving out promotional codes to access a better deal on premium items. Even if it is a very straightforward way to do things, it packs a punch: ever heard of Raid: Shadow Legends? You likely did, and it was because of its ubiquitous integrations.

    2# Let’s plays

    Combining Let’s Play videos with influencer marketing is an effective way to increase your brand’s reach. Let’s play videos involve a person playing a game and providing commentary.

    Instead of just a little scripted intermission about your game, you can contact some influencers and propose they try it in front of their audience.

    In this way, they will not only hear about it and see some of the best footage but will have a first-hand experience with the game and can see their favorite influencer playing it.

    To achieve the best results, you want to partner with content creators who already create videos around your game genre and have an audience interested in it.

    3# Livestreams

    Livestreaming is an increasingly popular way for influencers to promote mobile games. It allows them to engage with their audiences actively and increases the game’s exposure to new people.

    Live streaming offers viewers an interactive and immersive experience, as they can get an up-close and personal look at the game in action. Influencers can show off the game’s features and gameplay more naturally and intimately than through an ad read.

    Furthermore, livestreams can include competitions and giveaways to improve further engagement and user acquisition.

    Having content creators play the game helps to create a sense of community and excitement. Also, it can encourage more people to try out the game. Livestreaming is a great way for influencers to build hype for a mobile game and increase its visibility.

    4# Tournaments

    You can go to tournaments in two ways to promote your game: a contest for influencers and content creators, an invite-only event, or a tournament among a creator audience.

    By creating an online tournament and inviting influencers to participate, you can create an exciting and engaging experience that will help to spread awareness of the game. Influencers can be encouraged to live stream their games and share their experiences with their audiences, creating more interest in the game and potentially leading to more downloads.

    Additionally, by offering prizes for the tournament, you can incentivize influencers to take part and share their experiences with their followers. This can be a great way to reach a larger audience and get more people to play the game.
    Having a tournament open to the influencer audience leverages the audience’s desire to interact with the content creator’s participation and would drive downloads and user acquisition.

    For further incentives, participation in the tournament can lead to special rewards like skins or in-game objects related to the content creators involved.

    5# Custom content

    Custom in-game items can be very effective in the context of a mobile game promotion within an influencer marketing campaign. They can serve as an incentive for influencers to promote your game and a reward for their followers.

    For example, you could offer custom in-game items as prizes in influencer giveaways or contests. You could also create special influencer-only items that can be unlocked with a code or a unique link the influencer shares. This could develop a sense of exclusivity and encourage more people to follow the influencers associated with your game.

    Additionally, it could encourage influencers to create more content around your game, as their followers will be more likely to engage with content that features exclusive in-game items. Relating things to the content creator community and their inside joke is a step up in your influencer marketing game since it shows that you know about the community and care enough to make something especially tailored to them.

    6# Challenges

    Utilizing custom in-game challenges can be an effective way to promote your game. To start, you’ll want to reach out to influencers relevant to your game.

    You can then work with the influencers to develop custom in-game challenges their followers can attempt to complete.

    Collaborating with creators from the challenge’s ideation phase will help you make the challenges as relevant as possible to the influencer community.

    This challenge could involve performing a specific action, defeating a hidden boss, or creating a unique item. Once the challenge is in place, the influencer can then promote it to their followers, providing a link to your game so that they can participate.

    By creating engaging and unique challenges, you can ensure that your game will stand out and generate interest in the community. For extra exposure, this kind of campaign can go together with an encouragement to post about the challenge once accomplished on social media.

    7# Pre-registration campaign

    Pre-registration campaigns for mobile games aim to generate interest and expectations around an upcoming game release. They incentivize potential players to get involved with the game before its release, usually by offering exclusive in-game items or other rewards.

    This strategy is particularly beneficial for games with prominent multiplayer features, as having a community involved from the start is essential to the game’s success.

    Pre-registration campaigns and influencer marketing connect in that influencers can promote pre-registration campaigns to their followers, generating buzz and excitement around the game’s release.

    By leveraging influencer marketing, mobile game developers can expand their campaigns’ reach, tapping into communities interested in similar topics.

    Infographic summarizing the 7 ideas for mobile game marketing as listed under the header 7 ideas for your mobile gaming influencer marketing campaign


    Mobile gaming and influencer marketing can blend together to help you improve your user acquisition and retention. Now that you know some of the most used ways to implement it, don’t be shy and play around with it.

    You can mix ideas and add your flair to them, creating something unique. But if you want a tool to fulfill all your influencer marketing needs, don’t hesitate to check us out.

    At CreatorDB, we provide the ultimate tool for influencer marketing: from creator discovery to campaign tracking and competitor analysis, everything you need at once and, in a way, is more convenient to be integrated with your workflow. On top of that, we have an end-to-end agency service that can take care of your whole campaign from inception to completion.