• Top 20 Travel Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Top 20 Travel Influencers (YouTube & Instagram)

    Looking for a daily travel vlog on YouTube that will let you discover your next destination?

    Or a beautiful Instagram Reel to be amazed by the magnificence of exotic locations?

    This is the list for you. Here you will find 10 top travel influencers that became big on YouTube and another 10 top influencers who instead prefer Instagram.

    If you are looking for smaller influencers that will cover your content niche the best you can try micro-influencers.

    Top 10 Travel Youtubers

    1) – Drew Binsky

    @drewbinsky – 4.29 M subscribers

    Drew Binsky brings fascinating stories from all over the world to its +4M subscribers.

    He goes beyond what would be the normal tourist experience to discover hidden cultures and live wild adventures.

    In his travels, he met cannibals, explored soviet ghost towns, experienced the coldest weather on earth, and visited countries that were disappearing.

    If you are feeling adventurous you should definitely give him a sub.

    2) – Kara and Nate

    @KaraandNate – 3.87 M subscribers

    Kara and Nate are a couple from Nashville who started their travels in 2016.

    By 2019 they had visited 100 countries and to celebrate they made a documentary, that currently sits at over 6 million views.

    The pandemic did not stop this couple who saw the opportunity to move from an apartment to a van and start exploring the US.

    With international travel back on the menu they abandoned the van for suitcases and have never stopped going around.

    3) – Walk With M Tim

    @WalkWithMeTim – 460 K subscribers

    Tim made it his mission to review every possible accommodation.

    From ultra-luxury hotels, treehouses, and even worst-rated hotels nothing escapes his stay.

    While his initial focus was on his home country: the UK, the expanding of its audience allowed him to travel further and bring reports from across Europe, the US, and even airplanes!

    If you are not sure what to expect you can always check on with Tim to find out how is going to be.

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    4) – Miss Mina

    @MissMinaOh – 1.18 M subscribers

    If you love food and quirky adventures Miss Mina is the Youtuber for you.

    She is based in the Pacific Northwest and explores a lot of the area around her bringing unexpected views of those wild territories.

    However, she is not shy to travel across continents and introduce new cultures and peculiar foods to her audience.

    5) – JoJo’s World

    @JoJosWorld – 1.59 M subscribers

    Are you a Disney adult? Or do you just like theme parks?
    JoJo is going to bring you to the most exciting and adrenaline-filled rides, strap your belt!

    While Disney parks are his favorite you can find him also enjoying other parks across the US and all over the world.

    6) – Allison Anderson

    @allisonanderson – 963 K subscribers

    Allison Anderson is a photographer at hearth who really likes to travel and bring her followers stunning shots from wherever she goes. And those are a lot of places.

    Thanks to her magnificent photography and scene-building she can make her viewers feel like they are along her on the journey, experiencing the same places in their most minute details.

    7) – Sailing SV Delos

    @svdelos – 877 K subscribers

    Follow the adventures of the Delos and her crew across the oceans.

    Started as a couple of sailing brothers it turned into an adventure that has been going on for 14 years, have seen a couple cementing their love, a new child, and of course amazing places.

    Join aboard and follow the Delos in its next adventure through their weekly updates.

    8) – Chonnyday

    @chonnyday – 722 K subscribers

    John and Dalen are an Australian couple with a passion for food and traveling.

    They started creating vlogs and uploading them to YouTube in 2016, and they never stopped since.

    They are especially in love with Southeast Asian countries and their street food but do not disdain to go even further and explore new tastes with each video.

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    9) – Travel with AK

    @travelwithak – 570 K subscribers

    AK is a self-proclaimed normal guy with the dream of visiting every country in the world.

    In his videos, he can bring a different light into various often forgotten destinations.

    Highlighting the contrasts that can be found in the country.

    10) – The Endless Adventure

    @Theendlessadventure – 603 K subscribers

    Eric and Allison AKA the Endless Adventure are the perfect RV couple.

    They ditched their stable jobs to hp on one adventure after another. and since then they have been moving across the world in their RV.

    On their channel, they document all their travels across the US and beyond.

    Bringing their audience along from little unknown areas to the most famous tourist spots in the world.

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    Top 10 Travel Instagrammers

    1) – The Bucket List Family

    @thebucketlistfamily – 3 M followers

    Garrett sold his App to Snapchat and ditched everything in order to start the Bucket List Family with Jessica his wife.

    After an initial six months, they found that the life on the road perfectly fit their life and decided to get rid of all their possessions and keep the journey going.

    In the last 5 years they have been exploring non-stop and what was just a couple has now expanded to be a full family.

    2) – Lexie Alford

    @lexielimitless – 1.2 M followers

    Lexie has traveling flowing through her veins.

    By the time she hit 21 years old, she had already been to every country, but she hadn’t stopped there.

    She continues traveling to these days and loves to bring her passion for exploring and meeting new cultures to her 1+ million followers.

    Her photos have been featured in publications all over the world and she has given speeches at TedX conferences.

    In 2023 she became the first person to circumnavigate the world in an electric vehicle.

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    3) – The Lover Passport

    @theloverspassport – 856 K followers

    Giselle and Stephen are a couple who travel the world and share itineraries and inspirational content with their followers.

    They started their adventures in 2018.

    They made it their mission to visit all 50 US states and all the national parks.

    Since they are both photographers all of their content looks and feels amazing, almost as good as being there with them.

    4) – Renee Hahnel

    @reneeroaming – 947 K followers

    Speech therapist by training, Aussie by birth, Renee found herself with the possibility to relocate in the US.

    Once there she loved the outdoors and couldn’t find a reason not to stop exploring them.

    After experiencing burnout due to full-time traveling and freelancing she and her husband Matthew decide to establish base camp near Seattle and continue their explorations from there.

    They share their adventures through beautiful photos and stunning videos.

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    5) – Madi

    @madiaubakirov – 516 K followers

    Madi comes from Kazakhstan and specializes in luxury travel content.

    His stunning Instagram page will show you the most exclusive resorts and experiences.

    With a great eye for photo composition and colors, Madi is the content creator to go to when you want the most fulfilling visual experience.

    6) – Joshua McCartney

    @joshtheinernofficial – 419 K followers

    Joshua specialized in going where none else does.

    Hidden tunnels, abandoned structures, and dilapidated houses long forgotten are at the core of its content.

    Each one of his posts is a journey you would have never expected to be possible.

    If you long to explore those places that we often don’t give a second thought about Joshua is the guy for you.

    7) – Victoria Balabaeva

    @victoriabalabaeva – 325 K followers

    Victoria likes cruises, she really likes cruises.

    Over 7 years ago she started creating content while sailing the seas, originally on YouTube but currently found an even larger audience on Instagram.

    There she showcases all the glamorous life aboard.

    If you like beautiful ocean views, luxurious dinners 60 meters above the sea, and parties on enormous moving ships, you have nothing more to do than go check her profile.

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    8) – Trip In A Van

    @tripinavan – 244 K followers

    An Australian family living on the road for the past 8 years.

    Tired of their monotonous and taxing lives that didn’t bring them joy, Justin and Bec decided to abandon everything and give their 3 children the experiences of a lifetime.

    Thanks to their new lifestyle they can spend quality time with their kids, live a life outdoors, and explore Australia.

    If you have ever thought to leave everything and start a frugal life they are worthy of a following.

    9) – GoRUFFLY Around the World

    @goruffly – 202 K followers

    Jess, her white swiss shepherd, and a motorcycle on a trip around the world.

    On a quest to empower girls from everywhere.

    You can follow her adventures on the quest to cross all the continents. Every six months they move to a new area meanwhile Jess document the whole process on her Instagram and YouTube.

    10) – Colz Vidal

    @colzvidal – 197 K followers

    Colz combines exotic locations and wonderful panoramas with an eye for the budget.

    While many influencers let you only dream to follow their steps she gives you the exact blueprint on how to do so!

    Breathtaking shots of beautiful beaches and palm forests populate her Instagram along with detailed tour descriptions and guides to the various locations that she visits.

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