• YouTube’s 2023 Priorities: Supporting Creator Success, Expanding Revenue Streams, and more

    YouTube’s 2023 Priorities: Supporting Creator Success, Expanding Revenue Streams, and more

    YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan recently announced the platform’s new priorities in a community letter. In the same letter, Mohan shared that gaming content on YouTube had hit over 2 trillion views in 2022 and the platform provided an income to hundreds of thousands of channels in the first half of the year. Highlighting the success of the platform Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced in the 2022’s 4th quarter earning call that YouTube short-form video feature Shorts hit 50 billion daily views.

    So, what are the priorities for YouTube in 2023? In a nutshell:

    1. Supporting the success of creators

    • Seeking creator feedback to achieve platform goals.
    • Introducing more revenue streams outside of ads, like channel memberships and live streaming options. – Investing in shopping features.
    • Broadening accessibility for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
    • Expanding access to their machine-translated captions tool to create a more inclusive experience, testing in live streams and Shorts.

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    2. Building for the YouTube of the future

    • YouTube is focusing on meeting viewers where they watch content, which is increasingly on TV.
    • Streaming will be a bigger focus for creators in 2023, providing new opportunities for building and connecting with communities.
    • YouTube plans to use AI-generated technology to expand storytelling and production value in creator content. Creators will be able to experiment with AI’s capabilities, such as simulated backgrounds and outfit swapping, in Shorts, podcasts, and more.

    3. Protecting the YouTube community

    • Protect kids and users under 18 by making it easier to find family-friendly videos through YouTube Kids, with supervised experience.
    • The platform will also focus on creating multiple layers of protection and lifting up high-quality content for kids to learn and grow. YouTube’s CEO promises to put extensive resources into this.

    With a focus on creator revenue and community, YouTube aims to become a safer and more inclusive space for different ages and communities.

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