The Keyword Search is a new and powerful tool that CreatorDB brings to your arsenal. It allows you to search for creators across platforms not by name or any metric but by their content categories.

The CreatorDB database is organized around topics and niches that are derived from the content each creator produces. With this kind of information available you can just type terms related to your customer persona and obtain relevant creators.

You can select multiple keywords in the same search and the system will look for content creators that any of your criteria.

To use the Keyword Search head to the second tab in the up left corner.

Type the topics and niches you want to add to your search, the system will propose the closest ones and you can pick the one you want.

You can add as many keywords as you want.

Opening any of the results will allow you to check the profile content and going to the content tab will let you identify if the content is truly in line with your campaign requirements.

If the profile satisfies your requirement you can add it to a group and use it to expand your results or to build a rooster of potential influencers for your campaign.

Creators are not the only thing you can look for in the CreatorDB database, using our Brand Search you can find how your competitors are doing in influencer marketing, who they work with, how often they sponsor creators, and so on.